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CCA Welcomes New Governing Council Members
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The CCA is pleased to announce the results of the 2022-2023 Governing Council Elections.
The Governing Council is composed of volunteer professional counselors who give their time, talents, and passion to represent you and your work. The CCA is grateful for current and past Governing Council members as we support LPCs and LPCCs in Colorado through legislation, advocacy, trainings, and conferences. 

What did the CCA accomplish in 2022? What is coming in 2023? 
Dr. Ryan M. Burkhart, CCA Executive Director, will speak to what your membership has accomplished in a January newsletter.

new leaders on the 
CCA Governing Council
From left to right: Tonya Kron, CCA President, Dr. Vasti Holstun, CCA President Elect, and Trever Shirin: President Elect-Elect.

From left to right: Dr. Gregory Elliott: CCA Treasurer, Jane McGill: Social Media Liaison, Kellyanne Achramowicz: Student and Volunteer Coordinator, and Jennifer Grubb: LGBTQ Division President-Elect.

From left to right: Elizabeth Lembo: Counselor Education and Supervision Liaison, Carmen Peebles: Secretary, Brittany Helm: Sourthern Region Chair, and Natalia Blanchfield: Northern Region Chair. 

Incumbent Governing Council Members
From top left to top right: Taylor Burdick: CCA Executive Assistant and Conference Coordinator, Joseph Green-Mendoza: Multicultural Counseling and Development Liaison, and Ritu Reimer: Counselors in Private Practice Liaison.
Bottom left to bottom right: Dr. Ryan M. Burkhart: CCA Executive Director, Dr. Mark Mayfield: CCA Past President. 

Colorado Counseling Association 
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