First name / Friend, We are very excited to add a new segment to our newsletter that came from one of our very own subscribers. The segment is called “Whatcha Watching?”. Here, we will discuss the firms favorite TV shows and movies, and what we are currently watching. We realized that we discuss movies and shows we watch rather often, and we are pretty sure it is a question that comes up a lot in our social groups. So since the firm considers you a part of our group, we would like to share what we are watching with you. 
TV Show:
Game of Thrones: We might be preaching to the choir on this one but bare with us, it could enlighten a majority of you who have not witness the greatness of GOT. A show based on an award-winning novel series, Game of Thrones takes you into the lives of various kingdoms and communities quarreling amongst each other. Here you encounter special individuals with brute strength, amazing combat skills, and most of all.. magic. Follow along as some of the intricacies of kingdom warfare start to become more and more distant as the temperature drops. Just remember… Winter is coming. 
Babylon: This might be one of the most underrated releases in movie history. One of the best cinematography experiences of the year, outstandingly performed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Babylon is a movie for the books. The movie follows various actors and important movie personalities throughout their careers in Hollywood between the ‘20s and ’30s. This is a huge transition period for Hollywood as movies went from silent to sound. The movie is as funny as it precise in their sarcastic criticism of the movie business of the time. An absolutely amazing project worth the length of the movie. Oh, and it has Brad Pitt in it, so there is that as well.  

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