I sent an email yesterday sharing preliminary results about the live class that I hosted last month. Here is a more detailed breakdown. 
Last month, I hosted a live class: “Using Widgets for Fast Printables Creation”. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea. I'm sure you've had one of those too. This one turned out to be a huge rollercoaster 🎢.
⚠️ Important ⚠️ 
Why am I sharing this? A year ago, I stopped sharing about my income and any money related topics. I'm making an exception now, because I want to model that not every offer has to be 5-figures or a complicated launch funnel. Don't wait on an idea. There is no right time. And there is no shame in “only” a few people buying. 

I already had the idea. But I thought I didn't have the time to plan it out and deliver before the end of 2022. And since I had planned to take the last two weeks of December off, my calendar was free to do whatever I wanted. Who needs a vacay when there are so many ideas in my head?
So I gave myself two hours to come up with a plan, create all the images and write the first promo email.
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First, it was just a bunch of scribbled notes on a digital planner. Then I “put it on paper” by mapping it out (you can see the notes above). 
This was the easy part. There was no strategy behind it, I literally just came up with a number. I priced it at $22. The number 22 (in Angel numbers) means unexpected opportunities that encourage you to think big and expand your horizons. It seemed fitting, so I ran with it. 
👉🏻You can see the checkout page here.
Then I added a bump offer at $82. This was a risky move for me, but it felt aligned. The bump was for the full-course at a deeply discounted price. 
To keep things easy, I decided to host it in a Facebook group and go live via Zoom. 
Out of 75 students, 56 joined the group (the number in the image below includes myself). I did get 3 emails from students asking for the class to be hosted elsewhere. This is something I will consider for future events, but for now I just wanted to keep it simple. 
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After the live class, I recorded a separate tutorial which was delivered via email along with the links to download the templates. 
Students received 👉🏻 LIVE 60 minute class + Q&A session, the class replay, an extra video tutorial, access to the group for 3 weeks, and a set of templates. 
Students had the chance to apply the $22 they had already paid for the live class, towards the purchase of the full course. Which brought the cost down to $110 (from the original price of $132). 
Remember that they previously could purchase the full course as a bump ($82) during checkout.
The screenshot below shows total numbers for this class including the bump offer.
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✅ 75 students joined the class. 17 of those grabbed the bump offer ($82). 
✅ I had a goal of 80 students (or 2K in revenue), so I'm pleased with the results. With only a week to promote, no sales page, and 3 emails… I would say this was a win.
✅ 3 students upgraded to the full course after the class. Which brought in an additional $330. Again, I didn't promote this too much. Maybe I should have. I don't have specific numbers for you, but almost half of the students already had access to the full course before even joining the live class. 
✅ With only 7 students joining on the first day (image below), I started to heavily doubt myself. A lot of negative self-talk about it being the holidays, people being busy, the price being not right and a bad sales email – started to flood my brain. 
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Took a few hours to get the first person to sign up. Which was very scary at the moment. I really started doubting myself. I thought about canceling the whole thing
But I decided to hold the energy. I decided to show up no matter what. Even if only one person joined the Facebook group and attended the live class. I decided that I was going to show up. It was then, when I chose to not make this about myself, when I chose to dive into ✨ big expansive energy ✨… students started to sign-up. 
And that is all for now. If you have any questions just hit reply 🤩.
With love,
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⭐Growth is often uncomfortable, messy and full of feelings you weren't expecting. But necessary. ⭐