Dear yarnbirds, 
Welcome to 2023!  
The last few years have been turmultulous for all of us, but recently there seems to have been a shift. Increasingly, it feels like our lives are within our grasp, back in our hands, in our control - both literally and figuratively. We can look forward; we can make plans; we can create with more joy; and we can reach out to make new connections and strengthen old ones. 
As we head into 2023 we're making plans, plans to explore our craft, to educate ourselves, and to engage with our love of fiber and community.  Our hope is that you will join us as we delve in greater depth to find out about the yarn companies, indie dyers, and designers that we have come to know and love. That, you too will find a greater enjoyment of our craft through education about the fibers we use and by expanding our skills and techniques.  In 2023, we commit to engage fully in bringing people together, in reaching out to the Tucson community that shares our love of knitting, crochet and weaving and that we support with our deeds and supplies.
What does this mean for you? 
Events! Community! Sale and yarn fun!
We already have events planned! First up, a Noro yarn tasting. Our Noro representative, Gilda, is going to be taking us on a fabulous yarn ‘tasting’ at the end of January. This is a wonderful opportunity to try some classic Noro yarns and some of their new releases. You will get experience a host of samples knit in the yarns. Gilda will share her wealth of information about Noro, and we will have light refreshments and prizes! 
To make more room for new yarn (yes, new yarns!) and new displays that are on their way, we have started our Spring Cleaning early this year.  Our Going, Going, Gone Sale has begun with all sale items 25% off.  There are yarns that are beautiful that just haven’t found the right crafter yet to let their beauty shine. Come check out the sale yarns today!  The sooner they leave, the sooner we can bring in the new items and connect with our inner Marie Kondo to organize the shop.
Talking shop, you may begin to see changes to the online shop and website as we expand our engagement with you. Most importantly, as we move forward and grasp 2023 by the proverbial horns, or should that be needles, what are you curious about in the fiber world? How can we help you fine tune your fiber craft? Email us at 
We hope you will come along on the fiber adventure!
Holly, Sam, Tina, Harriet and Rachel
upcoming Events
Saturdays 10:30-12:30pm Close Knit - knit around the table with fiber friends - register here
Sunday, Jan. 8 1-3pm Hugs from Tucson.  Knit for peace with like-minded crafters. See below for more details. 
Thursdays 1pm- 3pm Close Knit knit around the table with fiber friends - register here
Saturday, Jan 28 3- 5:30pm Noro Yarn Tasting
Hugs from Tucson, Knitting for Peace
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Our Peace Pod is Hugs from Tucson. Volunteers meet to create items that are requested by those served. Our local peace pod will create items for the Casa Alitas program. Casa Alitas is a humanitarian aid project committed to providing assistance to asylum-seekers released from ICE and Border Patrol detention into our community. Many of those asylum seekers coming through Tucson are heading to sponsors in much colder climates. The group will meet on the first Sunday of the month from 1-3pm. Christine W. is the lead on this project. 
Noro Yarn Tasting
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Yarn Tasting?!
Don't worry, we're not going to make you actually taste yarn, this is more sampling! Join us with our Noro representative Gilda as we explore classic and new yarns from Noro, learn about the company and it's history, indulge in some light refreshments and maybe even get a prize or two! 
Thank you for being part of our community