One day or day one
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Daring Greatly
Kudos to The Rock for an inspiring New Year’s post and Brene Brown’s words of wisdom that lead me to write this post. It seems like an unlikely combination but if you know me, you understand my connection to The Rock and honestly, if you don’t follow The Rock, you should. He kicked off the New Year by sharing this quote:
“One day or day one.”
Over the holidays, I re-read Daring Greatly. Such a gem. The timing seemed appropriate, given I’m launching a book that’s filled with stories about some of the toughest moments in my life and to say I’m feeling vulnerable is an understatement. That said, I didn’t want it to be a series of sad stories, but rather a narrative about how loss is the price of admission to a life well-lived.
What I'm Reading:
COVID-19 over the holidays gave me the opportunity to devour Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m fascinated by the opioid epidemic in general, and while this book is much deeper than that, I appreciated the complicated narrative around this drug. Throw in the underestimated impact of institutional poverty captured by a phenomenal writer and well I literally could not put the book down.
What I’m doing:
Speaking of Day Ones, a girlfriend of mine convinced me to run the Madeline Island Half-Marathon this May. A new treadmill helps. I’m only a week into training but when the snow hit last Winter I scoured YouTube for some fun, short work-outs that’d keep me hitting my weekly fitness goals. Grow with Jo is a YouTube channel packed with quick, fun, and challenging work-outs. I also joined Lake Superior Writers and will be attending Carol Dunbar's presentation in January and taking Brian Malloy's editing class - both of which I'm super excited about!
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more soon, friend!
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