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Hey First name / Friend
How's 2023 going for you so far? 
We've kicked the year off with a flurry of action:
1. Our planners are currently being printed…! We're trying to be patient, it's hard. And to those that pre-ordered, so many thanks. These Musician's Practice Planners have been in development for a couple years and now that they've come to REAL LIFE, we're beside ourselves with excitement! Want to order a digital or paper copy? Check 'em out here. 
2. You all have been wanting a focused space to get real results. Well, we've been thinking hard about how to deliver that and are getting ready to announce 5 challenges planned for the year to help you amp up a wide-range of skills to help your musicianship, career, and life as a human. There isn't a better way to learn than to DO, and in that spirit, we've created month-long guided spaces for growth! The first is the Practice Design Challenge, filled with lessons, resources and live lessons to help you develop habits and a plan for remarkable results!  It starts Jan 16 so be on the lookout for more info very soon. Get a sneak peek: download the overview here
Alright, alright! For you all you can't-wait-got-to-get-it-now types - you can go ahead and sign up right now, right here!  (We start January 16)! 
3. Our first featured guest is coming soon! We're looking forward to talking with Julie DeRoche In Conversation on Saturday Jan 18, about creating (and balancing) a multi-faceted career, how to approach practice and preparation with a busy schedule and how to create solid fundamentals in your practice.  All instrumentalists welcome!  Sign up here (it's free)!
As you continue with your big 2023 goals, remember that there will be ups and downs! Keep riding the waves, First name / Friend and it'll all be groovy. 
A few thoughts you can carry in your back pocket as you ride: 
You'll hit plateaus. But the good news is they won't last forever. Read this post for some ideas on how to deal with these inevitable lulls when all you want to see is immediate progress! 
Stay the course. “Infinite patience produces immediate results." This paradoxical Wayne Dyer quote teaches that detachment from the outcome gives you the patience to know things will come at the right time and the freedom to act from your heart and not expectations. 
Confidence fluctuates. You're human, your confidence will waver, and your consistency will waver. The ups and downs, ebbs and flows? You can't let them affect your self-worth. Ok?  Make us that promise. Read this post for more. 
Have a great week, and as always, we're cheering for you! 
Until next time,
Ixi, Tiffany & Ted
p.s. We'd love to hear any thoughts, sticking points or breakthroughs you have! Share them with us anytime, we read every single message!
p.p.s: Check out the plan for the Practice Design Challenge + look for more soon! 

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Musician's Practice Planners are available for pre-order or digital purchase.

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