Hoping for a Cancer-less, survivor-filled year ahead for everyone!
I have to admit, I’ve been paralyzed from cancer news within my close circle.  I’ve had to take some time from writing here to feel all my feelings.  To support others in the best way I know how.  To think about how My Cancer Family will continue to help others as I try to support someone with a recurrence, another waiting for results and another undergoing life changing surgery.  This has consumed my mind.  It’s brought up not only sadness for the others, but many other emotions and some PTSD-type of feelings from my own journey.  It’s brought on anger, judgment, anxiety and fear and now, most importantly more fight.  More passion.  Even more dedication.  
While I try to support others the best way I can, we are continuing to build My Cancer Family and make a positive difference in the world.  Cancer is NOT going way (yet), so we are here to stay (for now)
So for now, we need your help.  We want to support as many people as possible.
We know you all have a friend or family member or colleague on a cancer journey.  We want to support them.  We want to share tips and “cancer hacks” that will help them. We want to share products that will help them.  We want to share non-profits with all of you that you may not know about.  
Would you please share My Cancer Family with those in your world who might be interested by sending this or asking them to sign up at  We are adding new content every day.  We are raising money to build a platform unlike any other.  If you’re interested in investing, please email
To re-introduce myself to you or those of you who are new, I was diagnosed with with early stage but aggressive breast cancer when I was 41.  I was divorced and my boys were just 10 and 7.  At the time, I was the host of a national radio show and television segment and shared my story pubilicy on those platforms and also on social media and on and  It was from all of my sharing that I began to hear from people across the country, those on their own journey or survivors or those with wisdom to share.  
That saved my life.  Those messages of support, the people rooting for me, the information, wisdom and love got me through treatment.
It’s because of all of you.  I organically created My Cancer Family just by sharing, talking and listening.  I’ve continued to talk, take calls, messages and be connected to different people who need a survivor, a cancer friend, someone with wisdom and experience.  
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We hope you’ll take a look at our resources so far:
  • To Support a friend or family member
  • For those on a cancer journey
  • Shop brands that give back to cancer
Survivor Stories
  • Cancer Hacks
  • Products they like
  • Inspiring Stories
Amazing non-profits
  • Help with financial toxicity
  • Free lodging at the Hope Lodge by American Cancer Society
  • Free wigs
  • Wellness support and grants
  • Pediatric cancer support and grants from Giant’s Coach Coughlin’s Jay Fund
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. We CAN change your journey. We WILL make it easier and better.We are YOUR Cancer Family.
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Stay Positive,  
Denise & the My Cancer Family family