It’s been long awaited but we have beef!!!!!
This is our full FIRST restock of the year and the best part is it’s in time to stock up for Valentine’s Day!!!  
Did you know beef is one of the most nutrient dense protein sources with over 10 essential vitamins and minerals. And 60% of the cuts are considered lean! And this beef is locally raised by us! All natural, grass fed/grain finished, and dry aged!  Okay! Enough of the facts! Get ya some beef!!!  
We have 2 awesome specials. 
The Lovers Day Box $149
1 Tomahawk
1 Pkg Cube Steak
5 lbs ground
1 Cowboy Tri Tip (bone in chuck)
1 Pkg Carne Asada
Baby It’s Cold Outside Special $99
5lbs ground
1 pkg patties/Salisbury steak
1 Chuck Roast
1 pkg Short Ribs
All steaks, cuts, boxes and specials are in stock. We also have our ground boxes on special which is perfect for stocking up and meal prepping. 
Presale runs 1/17-1/23 and our weekly pickup and shipped orders will be ready on 1/24.
And yes!  In the off season we offer a free weekly pick up too in Carson Valley!
New as of 10/2022 we will only be shipping once a month due to dry ice suppliers and cost. All shipped orders go out the last Tuesday of the month.  All orders receive details via email and if you sign up for our newsletter, NEW this year is it will be packed with grubbing ways to cook that beef!  Especially all that grounds that seems to collect on our freezers!
Head to the website to sign up and order!
What's New on the Ranch………
It’s January!
That means calving season is here!!! Did you know a cow’s gestation is similar to a humans 285 days- 9 months. And just like humans they can come early or late. We turn our bulls in April 1st for a January 1st starting calve date. 
Here’s another fun fact, cows cycle every 21 days. Which means every 21 days they come into heat and can be bred. They cycle all year long too! So in order to get the most cows bred up, we leave our bulls in for 75-90 days to ensure at least 3-4 cycles that they can be bred on. Some folks have a shorter window but for us, this seems to work best! 
Babies are a coming! This is my absolute favorite time of year- besides branding season. We were off to a VERY wet start.Our cows spend the winter in Northern California where the weather is a little warmer and easier on calving. We spent the first few winters in Nevada, and after you have baby calves frozen to the ground or mommas with cracked teets because of the snow, we decided it was worth the truck ride for them to winter where is a little milder climate.
But it has its fair share of issues too- right now with the amount of rain we have got, it looks like a permanent lake. Tons of standing water which drowns out the grass.So I guess I’m here to say- every operations has its own hand of cards. 
No way is better than the other, just what works best.
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Hungry for some great beef cooking??? 
 Check out this month's featured recipe!
Thank you for trusting us as your local rancher!
-Jessica Anderson
Anderson CAttle Company
Spencer and Jessica have a fiery passion for cattle, agriculture, and its way of life.  From early mornings to late nights, it is in their blood.  They may be first generation cattle ranchers, but they sure have their eyes set on ranching for generations to come.  With an unwavering love for the land and livestock we plan to one day give up our town jobs and solely operate Anderson Cattle Company.  It can’t go without mentioning the appreciation for their family and friends who have been so instrumental to helping them along the way.  It takes a village, and their  village is pretty special!The future is unknown, but as for the Anderson’s they plan to continue writing the pages in their book called life.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!