January 2023

Dear Alumni,
Several months ago I wrote to you about the creation of the President’s Hope Fund to assist students bridge the gap in financial aid for the last dollars needed to become or remain a student at Keystone.  I’m happy to report that over $30,000 has been raised to support this fund and its mission of overcoming the affordability gap confronted by many of our students.
At the same time, I also challenged all alumni to help us boost enrollment by recommending students to apply to Keystone, and with their consent, send us their names and contact information.  As an incentive, I pledged to additionally donate $100 to the President’s Hope Fund for every student you recommend that enrolls at the College.  I recently increased that incentive to appeal to you in an even more personal way.  In addition to my on-going pledge of support to the President’s Hope Fund, we will also offer to any student you recommend and enrolls at the College a $1,000 scholarship in your name.
As I said in my last letter, alumni are ideally suited to share what a Keystone education has to offer and what that experience meant to you.  Put your name on someone’s future today by recommending potential students you feel would do well at the College.
Every alum has a story about Keystone that changed their lives in some way.  Paying that forward in support of our enrollment drive will preserve that legacy through another generation of alumni who will always remember your incredibly personal act of sponsorship. 
Please consider recommending a student today.  Enrollment is the number one challenge confronting colleges today, and you can really make a difference for Keystone!
Once again, please forward your recommendations to lucas.taylor@keystone.edu. Thank you for your support!
John F. Pullo, Sr. '69
Interim President

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Professional Development Institute
Keystone College 
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Are you looking to advance your career?
Do you own a business that needs skilled workers?
Would you like to explore your creative side?
The Keystone Professional Development Institute offers a cornucopia of customized courses and programs tailored to your specific goals and dreams. “At PDI, lifelong learning is our mantra,” said John Gorel, director of corporate relations. “We invite our alumni to take advantage of the many opportunities we have at Keystone through these initiatives.”
After launching in 2019, PDI is becoming one of the region’s premier workforce development agencies. Gorel has met with more than 60 enterprises ranging from small family-owned businesses to large corporations involved in healthcare, manufacturing and financial services, among other sectors. Working with PA CareerLink in Lackawanna County, PDI is also establishing a self-paced online training program for military veterans.
Skills are shaping the future workforce of northeastern Pennsylvania. Employees constantly need upskilling or re-skilling, and Gorel said PDI is razor-focused on preparing people to adapt, adjust and thrive in a post-COVID world. He noted that PDI is a designated training provider for WEDnetPA, a state program that offers funding to qualified employers for training new and existing employees.
PDI allows alumni a chance to discover new artistic talents like glassblowing, pottery, and sculpture outside the workplace. Gorel also plans to revive one of the most popular courses offered during the pandemic, “Intro to Podcasting.”

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Did you meet or marry your soulmate at Keystone? 
Do you have lifelong friendships that developed at Keystone?
Is there a Keystone memory you would love to share? 
All Keystone stories are welcome! 

Speak soon, friend!
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