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Train Travel in Italy
Train travel in Italy is very efficient, and the new fast intercity trains make traveling in Italy by train pleasurable. However, it is always wise to stay up to date and check on transportation strikes, especially during the spring and summer months. Milan has two major train stations and two minor stations from which you can depart for a fabulous day trip or weekend getaway. 

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The Best Shopping in Milan
According to the famous saying, we should “Speak English, kiss French, drive German, and dress Italian.” The aphorism is correct, at least when it comes to Italian fashion. And at the very heart of Italian fashion in Italy is none other than the city of Milan! Long known as one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan is the place to shop until you drop. 

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A Day Trip to Monza
Whether you’re a fan of Italian culture, or just looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Milan, Monza is the perfect destination to explore! In this article, we’ll cover what to do and see in a day trip to this magical Italian city located less than 30 minutes from Milan.

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Focus on Lake Como 
Award-winning travel writer Richard Carroll recently featured the Italian destinations of Lecco, Mandello del Lario and Bellagio, in the latest article of his series about destinations on “the road less traveled.” The piece was published on Travelingboy.com, one of America's most popular online travel publications. Local businesses such as Taste & Travel Italy, Mamma Ciccia’s Cooking Academy, Taxi Boat Varenna, and Hotel Il Perlo Panorama in Bellagio are mentioned. The article features stunning photography by Halina Kubalski.

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5-Day Italian Lakes Tour from Milan
Head out of Milan on this action-packed 5-day tour of Northern Italy's Lake District. Visit up to four lakes and the striking city of Verona. Explore mountain-encircled chic Lake Como, and Italy's largest inland body of water, Lake Garda. Enjoy some free time exploring Verona, strolling the streets and visiting Juliet's House (of Romeo and Juliet fame). Boat rides and four-star accommodation are included.

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