Shall we delve into more personal matters today? :)
Hi First name / there, 
How are you? I am hoping that 2023 is off to a wonderful start. On my end, I am excited to bring you my story of resilience and perseverance in this edition of our newsletter. Keep on reading to know the ins-and-outs, the ups-and-downs that got me to where I am. 
In 2019, I embarked on my real estate journey, burnt out and incredibly unfulfilled from a grueling career and life in NYC, where I owned a residential and commercial design & remodeling firm.When I achieved a multiple 6 figure income, working for some of the world's most successful and wealthiest individuals and companies. I quickly learned this wasn't what I needed. 
"Why don't I feel happy and successful and fulfilled?" I constantly thought.
After a decade of living and working, I left NYC and its rat race, drained emotionally and physically. Although this chapter of my life (mostly my 20's) molded me into who I am today, it was undoubtedly filled with extreme highs and lows. The statement remains true, If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Or so my Father told me.
And because fortune favors the bold, I took a leap of faith and moved out West knowing just about no one or anything. At this pivotal point in my personal and professional life, it became clear that If I wanted true happiness, there would be another vehicle to get me there, and real estate investing would be the way. Little did I know, the journey would be so much less about myself and more about the people who have come along for the ride.
Together we have impacted the communities we own and, in turn, have generated an enormous amount of wealth, creating the time and freedom to live the lives we have always dreamed of while continuing to serve others.
I currently own 286 units amongst four properties, three of which are in Oklahoma and one in Ohio, valued at over $28 million.
I am highly passionate about elevating the quality of life for not only my communities and residents but also our investors. Because, after all, these are our two most significant assets.
Today, I live in Park City, Utah, with my boyfriend Matt, dog Drake, and horse Jazzo. I love to travel and ski powder, I am an avid equestrian jumper and the proud new yorker, and I love living a 5-star life.
P.S. I know many of you were excited about the investment opportunity in Tulsa, however, after the seller accepted our offer they decided to put things on hold. Although we were disappointed, I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Rest assured, there are other opportunities in the works!
Chelsea Garber

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