Let there be LOVE
(or a hot book boyfriend in your kindle) 
this Valentine's day!
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I've been snuggling up with a hot Italian Mafia Boss lately
I mean , snuggling up is a bit of an overstatement! More like staring at my laptop screen, drooling a little, as the most scrumptious and dangerous book boyfriend I've ever written says things like:
"I'm seconds away from pulling her over my knee and spanking the brat out of her."
Yup. He's that guy. He also doesn't believe in love so the inner struggle is real! Honestly, I cant even begin to tell you how much I already love this book and can't wait for you to dive in!!!
Secrets We Keep is the first (standalone) book in a completely new series called Empire of Secrets
And guess what? 
I've just put the pre-order up on Amazon! So you can one click this beauty straight away!
There's a handy little button you can click on below!
In even more exciting news check out the stunning cover. I'm so in love with it it's not even real! 
WHAT DO YOU THINK? I hope you love it too!
I also have a little poll for you - I'd love it if you could help a girl out and tell me what you think. 
And of course if you want to hit that reply button and just talk to me! I seriously fangirl over every single email back I get from you - it's still so surreal anyone wants to talk to me ;)
That's it from me but keep on scrolling to see the cover of Secrets We Keep, the poll and some cool books (click on the covers to check them out)!
Stay SEXY!
 Jo xoxo


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