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I am pleased to announce that North Country Spiritual Pathways & Wellness has added a new healing modality: 45-Minute Earthing Therapy for $40.  What happens during a session?  You want to wear thin comfortable layers in order to have more direct contact with the mat. You will spend 45-minutes just lying on the mat relaxing to peaceful music.  I may add crystals to your therapy as well.  This is a very gentle and peaceful modality.  Please note the section in my article regarding blood thinners and thyroid conditions.
This therapy may also be added to any 1-hour energy healing session at no additional cost to you!
What Is Earthing? Earthing syncs the body to the natural rhythms of the earth. The earth beneath your feet provides you with food and water. It gives you a surface to sit, stand, walk, run, swim, climb, play, and build on. It also provides you with something very surprising - electrons. When you touch the ground with your bare feet or body, the electrons flow into you. This is called being “grounded.”
Most people begin to feel better soon after they start Earthing.  They adjust easily to the Earth’s energy. Someone very ill with various symptoms may feel the difference dramatically, but someone with good health and who sleeps well may not feel a significant difference.
There are plenty of good reasons to continue Earthing, even though you might not feel any effects, points out biophysicist and Earthing expert James Oschman, Ph.D. “Earthing seems to slow the inevitable effects of aging and help prevent so-called ‘diseases of aging,’ all of which are inflammatory conditions. The person with radiant health may take antioxidant supplements to maintain that good health, but these substances must be absorbed into the circulatory system and carried to the places in the body where they are needed. In contrast, Earthing appears to rapidly deliver its antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body. The leading theory of aging is the free radical theory: cumulative damage from oxygen free radicals causes the process of aging. By neutralizing free radicals whenever and wherever they form in the body, we believe that Earthing can slow down the damage and actually slow the aging process.”
Earthing thus has the potential to restore, preserve, and perpetuate improved health.  Its impact on the body is both preventive and therapeutic.  For some people, grounding can feel unusual in the beginning.  There may be some tingling in the body, as is sometimes experienced when strolling barefoot along the wet sand at the beach or on a dew-moistened plot of grass in the morning.  The tingling sensation, probably due to improved circulation and infusion with the Earth’s healing energy, usually dissipates quickly.
In the beginning, some people may feel flu-like symptoms that include malaise, achiness, headache, a foggy mind, tiredness.  Muscle cramps and disturbed sleep might occur. This suggests that a healing, normalization process is underway because of Earthing’s ability to improve blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues as well as restore a natural electrical state in the body. Systemically, more efficient cell repair and function takes place, promoting a clear-out of wastes and toxins. Such detoxification could result in the symptoms just mentioned. 
Nerve fibers may function better, resulting in unaccustomed sensations.  Earthing has given the body additional resources to clean up and try to return to normal. Energy is expended in this process, so people sometimes feel initial fatigue before feeling increased energy. These responses vary from person-to-person, and when they occur, generally ease off within a week or two.
Please note: If you take a prescription blood thinner, consult with your doctor before starting Earthing because Earthing has a blood thinning effect as well. Your doctor may never have heard of Earthing but should be informed by you about the possibility of a compounded blood thinning effect and the need to monitor the blood closely.
Also, European study published in 2011 indicates that Earthing affects thyroid function. More research is clearly needed, but quite a few people on medication for underactive thyroid (hypothyroid) have been able to reduce their dosage of medication after starting Earthing.  Some reported feeling palpitations, a common sign of excess thyroid hormone.  
The interpretation is that Earthing improves thyroid function and thus the prescribed level of medication may become excessive. If you take thyroid medication and start Earthing, be alert to the possibility of medication overdose. If that should occur, consult with your physician about adjusting your medication level.
Of course, Earthing naturally in my opinion is always the best, but when you are not able to spend time bare foot outdoors a Ground or Earthing mat is the best alternative.
So, how do Grounding or Earthing mats work? Grounding mats mimic the earth’s electrons with a “negative” charge, intended to balance the “positive” one created by stress, cell phones, and countless other factors in our day-to-day lives. They are electronic devices that need to be plugged into an outlet in your home to create such a negative charge. Notably, this doesn’t mean you’ll be giving yourself an electric shock when you stand or sit on one of these blankets or mats for no electricity goes through the mats.
Unfortunately, the scientific research into these tools is either limited or completely non-existent. Public health providers often avoid championing any real benefit of a grounding device.
So, why not give some Earthing a try? See for yourself if Grounding or Earthing therapy makes a difference for you. Please note that it may take several sessions before you notice any improvements.
I am excited to be able to offer this new service to you all!
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium
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Upcoming Drumming Circle
The next drumming circle will be February 5, 2023. 
Hope to see you then.
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Upcoming Workshops in 2023
  • Nature Spirits aka Elementals - Who are they and how can we support them?  
  • Sacred Geometry - What is it and how does it play a part in our lives?
  • Ho'oponopono - What is it and how does it heal us?
  • Crystal Workshop - Learn about some of my favorite crystals.
Information to be posted to website soon!