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Welcome to Notes From Natty! This is a weekly newsletter with weekly writing tips to help you level up your content writing with ease, a round of the latest at Natty Writes that I’m dying to let you in on and Friday finds and faves that I simply can’t gatekeep. Consider this our very own Friday morning coffee date - grab your cup (I’ve got mine ☕️) & let’s dig in ⬇️
If you follow me on the ‘gram, you probably know that I really love Mondays. I think it’s because they bring that fresh start feeling and like many people, I love a nice, fresh start. 
A new year, my birthday, the first of the month, a Monday - it all feels the same.
In addition to really loving Mondays, I also really enjoy planning and scheduling - as I’ve mentioned before in blogs and such, I'm that type A itinerary friend that will research the ins and outs of a restaurant before I ever visit because nothing sends me into a panic attack more than not knowing where I’m supposed to park, ya feel me?
With all of that in mind, you could imagine how I was feeling this past Monday morning when I woke up with a continued eye allergy from the weekend and decided a trip to urgent care was needed.
I reallyyyyyy didn’t want to go because hello, I had my day planned and sitting in a sick filled waiting room wasn’t one of them.
But I really needed a solution to this weird eye problem, so I went anyway. 
And LEMME TELL YA, First name / friend, I regretted that real quick… here’s why ⬇️
I spent $25 and an hour of my time just for a woman to make me feel dumb and tell me all I need is to take a Zyrtec… as if I hadn't tried that already.
I didn’t feel seen or heard and I definitely didn’t receive a solution to my problem. Which leads me to your writing tip of the week 👀
Writing Tip of the Week
Don’t let your content be the urgent care lady of the internet. 
People want to be seen and heard and there is a way that you can write or talk that lets your reader or listener know that you’re on their team. 
Your content needs to connect in a way that lets your audience know that you hear them, you see them and that their problem or concern is valid. 
As a business owner, it can be really easy to become annoyed when people ask you the same questions over and over or get frustrated when people simply don’t “get” whatever it is that you’re trying to convey. 
But if they don’t “get it,” it’s your job to make sure they do!
When creating content, put yourself on the other side of the computer or phone screen and think about who you would want to learn from if you were facing the problem that your ideal client is currently facing. 
Do you want the lady that comes into the room and immediately takes on the tone of “there’s nothing we can do” and starts blabbing off 500 things that you don’t understand and you leave feeling dumb? 
Or do you want the person that, no matter how educated they are or what degree they have, calmly walks in, asks you questions instead of assuming the problem, validates your concerns and ultimately helps you leave with a solution you can implement or, at the very least, feeling reassured that there’s truly nothing to worry about?
(yes, I’m still reliving my urgent care experience because it has me so triggered 🤣)
The point is First name / friend, is that there are likely thousands of people on the Internet that do the same thing or something very similar to you and by changing your heart of how you show up to serve can be the differentiating factor between someone choosing you or someone else. 
So that’s my challenge to you today - I really hope you try it. 💖
(in case you missed the latest)
Friday Finds & Faves
In THIS episode, both of them said that one of their biggest regrets in business is not starting their email list sooner 🤯
If you aren't familiar with Amy Porterfield, she is a big time online marketing expert and she is a huge proponent of having an email list in your business. 
They both confirmed the fact that the amount of followers you have on Instagram, TikTok or other social platforms doesn't matter as much as we've been trained to think it does and the reason for that is because those platforms are rented land.
We have very little control of what happens to the content that we post on those platforms meaning it could all disappear tomorrow and there's nothing we can do about it.
Even more than that, email generates 174% more total conversions than social posts. I'm sorry, WHAT?! 
In the episode, Amy says that, “the best time to grow an email list was yesterday and the best next time is TODAY!”
If you haven't yet given thought to this side of your business, I encourage you to do so and if you aren't sure where to start, I'm here to help 👋🏼
First, you'll want an email platform that works best for you - there are tonssss to choose from, but if you're looking for simplicity and the most customizable option, I can't recommend Flodesk enough. That's what I use and you can get your first year for 50% off (making it only $19 month) which is super inexpensive compared to some of the others.
After that, you'll want to create an email plan that makes the most sense for you and your business - this will look different for everyone and you want to make sure you can be consistent with it!
Next week's blog will be more about this and will guide you through how to create a specific email plan, so stay tuned 🤩