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Hi Everyone - 
Here we are in 2023. Hard to believe!!!!! I hope your holidays were spent with family and friends and filled with love and laughter.
As I was writing 2023, I was struck by all OHT accomplished in 2022, thanks to your support and generosity. Let me give you just a few of the things we’re very proud of.
  • For the first time ever, we donated over $1 million in a year’s time.
  • We donated to 65 non-profit organizations during this time period. Overall, we have made donations in 39 states.
  • For the first time, we got to name a service dog through Canine Companions. KILO II is his name. KILO was Nate Hardy’s and Mike Koch’s Navy SEAL team name, so this was very special.
  • We “invested” in a food truck in San Diego through the nonprofit CHOW. This truck is run by two combat veterans who want to one day have their own food truck business. CHOW feeds homeless veterans and has developed a comprehensive training program for combat veterans who want to learn about the food truck industry as a post military employment option.
  • We made an additional donation to the Travis Mills Foundation Retreat for their new Health and Wellness Center. It’s a beauty by the way and will further help those recalibrated veterans who are learning how to live their lives as independently as possible. The entire retreat is 5 star!!!!!
  • Along with our partner, the Red River Charitable Foundation, we have supported 9 Warrior Ice Hockey teams from Alaska to NH. We pay for ice time which can cost $500 per hour. If veterans can’t get on the ice there is no connection with their fellow veterans - often leading to isolation and depression.
  • Fisher House Boston – OHT donated the equivalent of 125 hotel room nights for active duty military and veterans and their families as they sought treatment for serious illnesses and/or procedures/treatment. Without the ability to stay in Boston for an extended period of time at no charge, means not having to sell their homes to fund their stay or at worst, not have the treatment/procedure at all.
  • Veterans Day – the response from schools around Veterans Day and their Military Appreciation Day games was phenomenal. We posted over 100 Stories on Instagram in 24 hours and actually ran out of space to post more. THANK YOU for the support!!!!!
  • CreatiVets Golf Tournament – partnered with Colosseum as a sponsor at the annual CreatiVets Golf Tournament in Nashville.  We had access to a dozen country artists - a once in a lifetime opportunity. CreatiVets pairs veterans with PTSD or TBI with country artist songwriters, often at the Grand Ole Opry, so the veterans can tell their stories while deployed – stories that had never been told before.  After working with the songwriters, songs about their experiences were produced for YouTube.  This work enables veterans to better deal with their PTSD and TBI so they can begin to heal.
These are just a very few of the unique, impactful OHT ventures/partnerships. We ended the year and are into 2023 with a beer collaboration with 3 breweries, owned by former Navy SEALs, in Salem, MA, Norfolk, VA, and San Diego, CA. Proceeds from the sale of a new Porter recipe will be donated to OHT.
We also have a new super exciting collaboration in April between OHT, CreatiVets and the Travis Mills Foundation retreat. You’ll want to continue to follow us as we unwrap this ULTRA special event.
I’ll be back next month with more about “Me."  There’s so much more to tell. Your support is more important than ever so make a purchase, make a donation or support your veterans in your own way. The need continues to grow but together we can make a difference!!!!!
Warm regards
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Congratulations to the UGA Bulldogs on the back-to-back championship victories! Also, we want to congratulate the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits on their first FCS championship win! Through your fan support of UGA and many other teams, we have been able to help veterans in the state of Georgia and across more than 38 other states around the country!
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OHT recently supported Trails of Purpose with an additional donation that allows for another 330 hours of Mental Health Counseling for active-duty military and veterans. This means an additional counselor was able to be hired to assist with wait times and demand.
Trails of Purpose is a 501c3 established in 2019. They are located in one of the Nation's most densely military populated area, Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their mission is to support service members and their families in their fight to overcome the negative effects of trauma, transition, and trials that result from their service in the military. They do this by providing FREE equine assisted therapies and mental health counseling. For more information click the link below.
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Through a donation made by OHT to Kentucky Wounded Heroes, they hosted seven fishing events for veterans who were injured during combat. These include an Alaskan Adventure, a Walleye fishing trip, an Atlantic Tuna fishing trip, and more.
Kentucky Wounded Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that exists to serve Kentucky’s current or former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, sworn law enforcement, firefighters or affirmed EMS, who have been injured during combat operations or line-of-duty service. Their mission is to honor and empower the emotional wellness of these heroes through outdoor activities, programs and services that enable them to reconnect to nature’s healing properties. For more information click the link below.
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OHT will be at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show next week in Las Vegas! If you’re attending, be sure to find us at Booth #8119!
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We cannot say enough about each and every one of our partner licensees and retailers that carry OHT product! Thanks to their support, we have been able to donate over $3.6 million dollars since 2014!
Visit our Shop page to see where you can OHT gear, both in-store and online!
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