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Andrew Bridgen
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Andrew Bridgen, a conservative member of the British Parliament, was suspended from the Conservative Party over a tweet which called the Covid mRNA vaccines “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.” Members of the British Parliament, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, condemned Bridgen’s comments, saying that his misinformation about the Covid vaccine is dangerous and “utterly unacceptable.” A discussion ensued online where many defended Bridgen’s comments, claiming he did not compare Covid vaccines to the Holocaust or make antisemitic comments, while others criticized them as ignorant and hurtful.

COVID Vaccines
Crime Against Humanity

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  • “Holocaust survivors,” “white supremacist” - Related to George Santos, the Congressman representing Staten Island who is currently embroiled in controversy over lying about his resume. This tweet mocking Santos went viral and was retweeted by celebrities John Cusack and Mark Ruffalo. 
  • “Protests by orthodox anti-Zionist Jews” - Viral tweet depicting protests throughout Israel.
  • “United States” - Related to accusations of antisemitic comments made by the new U.S.  ambassador to Brazil, as well as the results of the ADL’s survey on antisemitic attitudes in America.
  • “Jeremy Corbyn,” “Liz Kendall” - Related to conversation around a clash between Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party in the UK, and Liz Kendall, a British Labour Party politician, on live television about the antisemitic controversy in the UK Labour party.
  • “Criticism of Israel” - Related to conversation of Ken Roth, former executive director of Human Rights Watch. See below.
  • “conspiracy theory”, “conspiracy theories” - Related to numerous conversations about conspiracy theories including Bridgen’s comments, ADL’s survey results, and Ken Roth.
  • “Bill Gates”, “Klaus Schwab” - Related to discussion of anti-vaccine conspiracies. Some believe that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, are involved in these conspiracies because of their positions in society.
  • “Israeli apartheid”, “#FreePalestine”, “#Palestine”, “#Israeliapartheid”, “#bds”, “Israeli army” - Related to discussion of Israel - Palestine.
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Ken Roth
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The Nation reported this past week that Kenneth Roth, former executive director of Human Rights Watch, claims he was denied a fellowship at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government last July because of his anti-Israel bias. 
Roth has been a vocal critic of Israel and its policies towards the Palestinians for many years. Critics of the decision to deny him the fellowship argue that it was based on his political views and that it undermines the principles of free speech and academic freedom. Supporters of the decision, on the other hand, argue that Roth has a history of making biased and one-sided statements about Israel, and that he is not an objective commentator on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Roth invited further criticism when he defended himself in an op-ed published by The Guardian on Tuesday where he argued that “the only plausible explanation” for being denied the fellowship is that “several major donors to the Kennedy School are big supporters of Israel”.

Anti-Israel Bias
Douglas Elmendorf
The Kennedy School

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ADL report on Antisemitic Attitudes in America
The number of people that harbor antisemitic beliefs has doubled since 2019 and reached the highest levels recorded in decades, according to a new report by ADL, the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, and the One8 Foundation. The report found:
  • Belief in anti-Jewish tropes are at levels unseen in decades - 85% of Americans believe at least one anti-Jewish trope while 20% of Americans believe six or more tropes. 36% of people said that Jews do not share the same values with the American people, 21% believe that Jews only care about their own kind, and 20% of people believe that Jews have too much power in the United States.
  • Substantial levels of anti-Israel antisemitic tropes - 40% of Americans believe that Israel treats Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews, 24% said that Israel and its supporters are a bad influence on American democracy, 23% said that Israel can get away with anything because they control the media, and 18% of people indicated that they feel uncomfortable spending time with someone who openly supports Israel.
  • Anti-Jewish and anti-Israel antisemitic beliefs appear to overlap significantly - There is almost a 40% correlation between anti-Jewish and anti-Israel beliefs, meaning that a substantial amount of people who believe anti-Jewish tropes also have negative attitudes towards Israel.
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