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We have a treat for you! We have collaborated with NSD Stacy James and her daughter Pink Cadillac Director Whitney Wemhoff to create these new DIQ tools for you! Stacy will also be doing a special DIQ Mindset Training in our Glam Boss Graphics Facebook group for all of you! We will announce the date once we have the details in place! 
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DIQ Pinkprint
DIQs can use this as a template to finish DIQ in one month, two months or three months. We give them a breakdown for each plan as well as a plan for future unit growth. 
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DIQ Letter & Challenge from the Senior Director
Directors - this is a start to your DIQ packet that you can give to your DIQs in your Unit. This option is ONLY in Canva, because it has to be personalized to align with your Unit plans, goals and challenges. In this file, you will find pieces of Whitney Wemhoff's DIQ packet. It starts out with a letter from you to your DIQ. The letter is very similar to the one Whitney uses but can be edited to fit you. It gives you a place to start, so that you can change parts of it or completely rewrite it. 
Next you will find a list of first steps to give your DIQ. You can revise any of the steps to fit the things you or your National Area have in place and can remove any steps you don't want in your packet. 
Then you will see 2 challenges- one challenge is for your DIQ, to give them goals to focus on growth and not minimums. The other challenge is for their DIQ Team to give them goals to reach during the qualification period. You can choose what the incentives are and if you want to utilize just one challenge, both challenges or not incorporate them at all. 
We say that this is a great start to your DIQ Packet, because it is meant to be combined with the PINKprint Packet above and our DIQ Tracking & Flyer we released last week for you. We also have a list of other tools on our site that are great resources for your DIQ and can be included in your packet. Find that list on our Team Building / Career Path page in our Gallery.
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DIQ Team Flyer
This DIQ Team Flyer can be updated with the pictures of the Consultants on your DIQ's Team that will be making up their Future Unit. You can include the prizes you selected for the DIQ Team Challenge flyer, or you can take out the prize portion of the flyer. You can use the recognition symbols on the flyer to recognize the Consultant's who have completed the challenges each month, or throughout the qualification period as a whole.
Be sure to check out our other Valentine's Tools already in our Gallery! We have a Heart Challenge for the month, Pucker Pack Materials, Stickers & Gift Tags and more for you! 
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You will also find downloads for the New Year in our Gallery - scroll down the the Seasonal section towards the bottom of the page. 

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