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Have you jumped on the ChatGPT trend First name / friend?!
Tiffany here today and I have to say, it’s a pretty ridiculous tool. Although, I'm learning you have to know how to ask it questions in order to get a good answer. 
If you haven’t heard of it, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence based tool that reacts in a conversational way to queries. You can ask it “What makes a good clarinet reed?” and it will spit back a few answers. And, they aren’t terrible. [And also I am sure A LOT of people are asking it that question 😂 ]
Like anything new, some people think it’s the best thing to ever grace the planet and other people say it will ruin our lives and rot our brains. 🧠 The truth, as usual, probably lies in the middle. 
However, I had something on my list to talk to you about today and I thought… “AH HA!” Let me ask ChatGPT what they have to say about this!
The topic? 
→ To-do lists ←
We've all got one. And I don't know about you, but my to-do list seems to be growing a life of its own. Part neatly written, part illegible scribble… the thing just won't end!! 
I've been tackling my to-do list with some new strategies in 2023 and I wanted to share them with you. Because I needed to try to get a hold of the situation. I also asked ChatGPT what they think about to-do lists and got some interesting answers. I compiled all of this into a blog post. 
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Wishing you a wonderful week out there full of completed to-lists and lots of happiness. Also, you never know, maybe a robot can help you this week! It's not out of the question. 🤖 
Much love, 
Tiffany, Ixi and Ted 
P.S. 5 strategies for actually doing your to-do list on the blog today. 

When you feel not enough 👇 
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