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As many of us are slowly returning to our regular rhythms, I wanted to send you into 2023 with a positive reminder ✨  For the artists or creatives, listen up…
In the past year, I’ve seen how much value my art practice can bring into my life, it’s a place where I truly feel joyful and present. As I surrender to the creative process and become fully immersed in it, it fills me up with so much light and magic.
Yet something I’ve really had to work hard through are judgmental thoughts that surface about my own work and its value. I'll constantly question if a project is worth spending my time on, judging its quality before I even begin, and failing to give things a chance in fear that it won’t work out.
For so long, we’ve told ourselves that what we do doesn’t matter, given over our power to the fears and doubts.
And so in light of new beginnings, I encourage you to:
Let go of a past belief
If there’s something you’re still holding onto, realize that it was there to keep you safe, it served a good purpose. But have faith in the next thing, that you’re stepping into so much more. Now is the time to let it go ❤
Make way for something new 
Find something that brings you to life and fills you up with joy. Give it space to exist and grow. Let yourself feel excited for it.
Speak empowering words into your creative practice
Tell yourself that your creativity is allowed to take up space. The art you make is a gift to this world only you can give, and deserves to be seen. Speak these things until there is no more space for fear or negativity.
Here's my take on affirmations — they always feel cheesy and preachy at first. But when we let our minds run and go on autopilot, we start to notice ourselves slipping back into old thought patterns. The purpose of using affirmations is to cause a mental disruption, a purposeful shift that opens up space for new energy to flow.
If you need somewhere to start, here is a list of 30 creative affirmations to help get you going! Sending you off with best wishes and good things to come <3