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Today, we're back with the Held Space group! 
Held Space is a monthly group for Black Artists and non-black Artists of Colour, held by Artes Mundi. Artes Mundi is Wales's flagship visual arts organisation, generating unique opportunities for individuals and local communities to engage creatively with the urgent issues of our time. “We are committed to supporting the practice, discussion and activity of the Held Space Network and working in partnership with them on their programme's future development.”

The artists from the Held Space group, who joined 64 Million Artists for a creative workshop to design the challenges you’ll find this month are: Ludo Foster, Farah Allibhai, Daniel Trivedy, Chris Pavlakis and Radha Patel!
“Being creative is how we navigate and ground ourselves in the world around us - the tasks we've come up with for The January Challenge are a reflection of how we think people can achieve the same. Expect to feel more like yourself and more connected to your surroundings.”

Ludo shares more about where today’s challenge idea came from - click below to watch!

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“We often think ‘I wish things could be different’, this challenge is showing you that in small ways things can be different depending on how you look at them, even if they are familiar to you."
Reimagine, rename or repurpose something around you, that is familiar, or that brings you joy.
Welsh Translation: 
"Yn aml dymunwn y gallai pethau fod yn wahanol, ac mae'r her hon yn dangos y gall pethau fod yn wahanol mewn ffyrdd bychain yn dibynnu sut edrychwn arnynt, hyd yn oed pethau cyfarwydd." 
Ailddychmyga, ailenwa neu meddylia am ddefnydd arall ar gyfer rhywbeth cyfarwydd, neu rywbeth sydd yn dod â llawenydd i ti.
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Think about what your ‘thing’ originally meant to you and what it means to you now.
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Share your response with friends and family and invite them to join in! 
Share your responses with #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 
Read our top tips for accessible sharing on social media here. 

A note from 64 Million Artists: 
There is no wrong or right way to take part in The January Challenge. People take part in all sorts of ways! Here are some examples: 
  • Sharing the challenges with your community group or workplace  and creating responses together
  • Creating a WhatsApp group with friends or family to share responses
  • Sharing responses on social media in our friendly Facebook Group, or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #TheJanuaryChallenge
  • Individually, keeping responses to yourself 
Anything goes. 
There is no pressure to complete the challenge everyday of the month, if simply reading the prompt brings new thoughts each day, or you create a physical response 31 days of the month, we encourage you to take part in a way that works best for you!

See you tomorrow, 
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from the team at 64 Million Artists
P.s. Why not invite a friend to join The January Challenge and kickstart a little connection with others?