Happy Valentine’s Day!
The only thing I love more than red roses are cows. And cows have a super power- they turn grass into BEEF!  We are restocked!!!!
This month we are featuring a Luck of the Irish box! With St. Patrick’s day about a month away it has a brisket included perfect for using our corned beef recipe with! And once you brine your own- you will never buy a store bought one again!
Our other special is our Sampler Box- it hs a little bit of everything and a perfect way to give all our beef a try!
Luck of the Irish $109
5 lbs ground
1 pkg Patties
1 brisket
1 Carne Asada
1 Cowboy Tri Tip (bone in chuck)
Sampler Box $109
10-12 Lbs
Includes a variety of ground, patties, roasts, ribs, Carne Asada, cube steak and more!
We also have steaks restocked, the favorite boxes, and all our other cuts! All preorders begin today through 2/20. Orders will be ready for pick-up and be shipped on 2/21. Check “local pickup” or use code CVFREESHIP for free local pickup.
Head to the website to sign up and order!
A fun little back story………
Some may already know this, since I’ve mentioned it from time to time, but my family is Italian. My mom is actually the first generation born in the states.Both my grandparents came over in the late 40’s after WW2. To hear there stories about hiding in hay stacks when the Germans were invading, or watching the dog fights in the sky is pretty unreal.
Growing up Italian, it was pretty old school. It’s was like every Italian movie you’ve seen. A 12 foot dinner table with more food than you can imagine. Dinner was an event that took 3 hours no less. And you never told Nonna no.
Everything was homemade and whenever someone stopped by in the afternoon you always had espresso and cookies.It’s no doubt where my love for cooking and hosting came from. Making food and feeding people is like another love language for me.
 One day I hope to host families in our OWN ranch bed and breakfast style!
I’ve often said I can as born 100 years too late. There’s something calming to my soul when I’m in the kitchen. And the last few years I’ve had even more of a yearning for the slower pace lifestyle that comes with all things homemade and homesteading.Lately is been all things from scratch, home remedies and tinctures, along with breads, meals and things saved from the garden this last summer.
Nonna use to talk about the “old country” and how they did things. Maybe it’s my little way of keeping the heritage alive. This year I made a promise to slow down and spend more time grounding myself. Sharing all these beef recipes has really been feeding my soul.
I’m excited to share more and maybe even my gardening journey this summer. Seeing how my past is interwoven in the present has truly made me think about it even more. There’s a reason for the yearning……
In a world that is in such a race for bigger and better. Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up.
Anyone else have this same feeling?
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 Check out this month's featured recipe!
Straight from my Nonna's kitchen.  
Use it for spaghetti, lasagna, or even meatballs.
Meet my Nonna!
Thank you for trusting us as your local rancher!
-Jessica Anderson
Anderson CAttle Company
Spencer and Jessica have a fiery passion for cattle, agriculture, and its way of life.  From early mornings to late nights, it is in their blood.  They may be first generation cattle ranchers, but they sure have their eyes set on ranching for generations to come.  With an unwavering love for the land and livestock we plan to one day give up our town jobs and solely operate Anderson Cattle Company.  It can’t go without mentioning the appreciation for their family and friends who have been so instrumental to helping them along the way.  It takes a village, and their  village is pretty special!The future is unknown, but as for the Anderson’s they plan to continue writing the pages in their book called life.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!