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It is God to whom and with whom we travel, and while He is the end of our journey, He is also at 
every stopping place.
elisabeth elliot
the stopping place of ordinary, quiet, even boring moments
Any place, any moment, can be a place of communion with God.
This thought came to me as I was watching Julia on the monitor and Anna outside playing with bubbles on the deck. 
It came on the heels of one of those deadly “shoulds." 
I should probably be doing something more spiritually productive to redeem these “empty” minutes I'm currently not needed. 
As anyone can testify too, usually Should is accompanied by her friend Shame or Hurry or Insecurity. Thankfully, marvelously, gloriously, the Spirit of God has made a home in my soul and can give second (though it's really foremost, opinion, let's be honest) on such statements when they skip across my mind. 
Any place, any situation, can be a moment of communion with Me. 
However you choose… or have to (because sometimes we must deny our preferences or desires for the needs of our neighbor, yes?)… spend this minute, you have access to God. 
You have His attention.
You didn't have to earn it, perform for it, fight tooth and nail for it. You simply have to acknowledge it, believe it to be true and delight in it.
It forced me to confront a false narrative: that my relationship with God is based on what I'm doing, what I'm reading, what I'm listening to. The opposite is true: my ongoing friendship with God hangs solely on the perfect shoulders of Christ and my trust in, surrender to and receiving of Him.
Take the boring, seemingly unproductive, quiet minutes of your day and pay attention to God as He's paying attention to you. Adore Him. Converse with Him. Ask questions. Be loved. 
I speak from many years of experience when I say it will change you. 
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