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Out of the many #wifeduties that I gladly take on, one of the things that I’ve grown to absolutely LOATHE is planning our meals for the week. 
Now I can handle the cooking part of it - I’ll happily chop an onion for a recipe, doesn’t bother me. But what drives me crazy is sitting down on Sundays to create a menu.
It always feels like we’re eating the sameeeee things over and over and over again. And no matter how deep I get into the Pinterest searches, it seems like I never actually find anything new. 
This past week when I sat down to do this dreaded task, I remembered a super yummy HelloFresh flatbread recipe that we had probably years ago, so I decided I was going to mimic it for one of our meals with the hope of finally switching things up.
I typed the recipe into Google hoping to find the exact HelloFresh instructions and to my surprise, EVERY HelloFresh recipe that exists is there for us to see… for free.
They sure as heck aren’t gatekeeping. (see for yourself!)
You would think this would hurt their business because if everyone can just grab the recipes, why would they buy the subscription?
But then as I was making said BBQ chicken and pineapple flatbread, it hit me. 
People don’t necessarily buy the HelloFresh subscription because of the recipes - they buy the subscription for the simplicity.
If you aren’t familiar with how the subscription works, you essentially choose 3-4 meals each week and they mail them to you with EVERY SINGLE ingredient you need portioned out perfectly.
You don’t have to worry about buying white wine vinegar that you’ll never use again - they provide it for you!
Was my BBQ chicken flatbread good? Yeah. Would it have been better if I didn’t have to use the random (and probably expired) BBQ sauce in my fridge because I forgot to buy a new one? Also yes. Am I a bit more inclined to renew my HelloFresh subscription now? Honestly, yes!
You see, First name / friend, people want and need simple and they’ll be more drawn to something that provides that. 
Which brings me to your Writing Tip of the Week ⬇️
Writing Tip of the Week
As a business owner, you know A LOT of information about your industry. You live and breathe what you do, so naturally you’re going to grow to know a lot of stuff.
What we often forget is that our audience doesn’t know what we know. And honestly, they don’t always NEED to.
What they really need is the simple and straightforward information that will help them easily understand whatever it is you’re trying to convey.
Remove the jargon. Remove the 10 layers of information that doesn't actually matter. Remove the language you’re using to try to prove you know what you’re talking about.
When you do this, you can create content or speak in a way that people can easily follow what you’re saying and they can actually move into the next action - whether that’s buying from you, signing up for your email list, following you on social media, commenting on your post, etc. 
Remember: confused people make no decision at all!
This is often one of the biggest reasons that business owners hire a content writer (like me!) because content writers are likely removed from your industry which means they can take what you’re trying to say, but package it in a way that everyday people (aka your audience) can understand. 
Like I mentioned in last week's Writing Tip, there are probably thousands of people on the Internet that do the same thing or something very similar to you and if you want to be the person that people choose, make your message simple. 👏🏼
(in case you missed the latest)
Last week I talked about how both, Ed Mylett and Amy Porterfield, said in this podcast episode that one of their biggest regrets in business is not starting their email list sooner. 
It sort of blew my mind that two very successful business people who have thousands of followers on social media were talking so strongly about the power of email.
But it's because they fully understand the thing that I preach all the time: you DO NOT OWN your social media followers or the content you publish on those platforms. 
If you have a large social media following, I love that for you - I really do. But if you aren't truly considering what you would do if that big following disappeared, you're doing yourself a massive disservice!
In this weeks blog I break down how to start and grow your email list in 3 easy steps - this is for both: the person starting from scratch AND for the person who has already started, but is looking to grow their list even further.
You'll learn:
  • the technical side of choosing your email platform
  • how to create your lead magnet 
  • what to write about in your emails
  • how your blogs and emails can work together
If starting or growing your list is one of your goals this year, read the blog and if you need more help after that, I'm your girl!
Simply respond to this email or DM me the word ‘EMAIL’ on Instagram to see what's possible for your list this year. 💌
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