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News from “down under” - Travels with Dana Cohenour
       I recently had the pleasure of visiting the gorgeous country of New Zealand. In addition to visiting the magnificent scenery, I met up with several of my dear kiwi children's music friends.      
     Over the past couple of years, the family music scene in New Zealand has exploded with offerings from talented musicians throughout the country. Thanks in part, to the generous support from government grants, a gifted crop of musicians has been focusing on creating high quality music in the genre. 
     Through my radio show/podcast on JUMP105.3, I have enjoyed getting to know much of this music and its creators. When I landed in Auckland at the beginning of my trip, I was greeted by prolific artist, Claudia Robin Gunn. Her new album, “Sing for the Sea - Little Wild Ocean Friends” is a collection of sweet, educational songs. We could have chatted for an entire week! 
     On the last day of my NZ trip, the charming Lucy Hiku of Itty Bitty Beats hosted a gathering of artists at her home in Christchurch. Along with Lucy’s partner, Jenny Payne, we were joined by Siu Leah of Loopy Tunes, Elizabeth from Jelly Bean Singers, and Cee Bee Teatime’s Charlotte. 
     I am so grateful for the warm welcome. It was a complete joy to share stories and get to know one another better. It is clear that the family music scene down under is thriving with hard-working artists who have their hearts in the right place, making stellar music for kids.
Dana Cohenour
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Grammy breakfast announced for February 4 at 10am at The Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles https://tinyurl.com/mw98rvhe
thanks to Katherine Dines, Lynn Orman, Wendy Morgan and other for hosting
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