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Hello First name / Friend,,
Today we’re back with members of the Chit Chat group in Leicester!
Today's challenge setters, the Chit Chat group, are a growing group of South Asian heritage women in Leicester, who gather on zoom, WhatsApp and in person to be creative, exercise, learn and Chit Chat. 64 Million Artists ran a creative workshop with the group, and today you’ll find one of the challenges created by them! Pictured below is the workshop in action, members of the group are sitting around tables in conversation and coming up with creative ideas.
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Draw around your hand, or draw the shape of a hand. Take a couple of moments to reflect on your day, or the world around you right now.
Within your hand shape, write down or doodle, three things that please you.
Welsh Translation: 
Tynna linell o gwmpas dy law, neu gwna lun o'th law. Treuliau ennyd yn myfyrio ar dy ddiwrnod neu'r byd sydd o'th gwmpas nawr. 
O fewn siâp dy law, ysgrifenna neu ddwdla dri pheth sy'n rhoi pleser i ti.
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Do your three things have any similarities or are they completely different? 
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Share your response with friends and family and invite them to join in! 
Share your responses with #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 
Read our top tips for accessible sharing on social media here. 

A note from 64 Million Artists: 
There is no wrong or right way to take part in The January Challenge. People take part in all sorts of ways! Here are some examples: 
  • Sharing the challenges with your community group or workplace  and creating responses together
  • Creating a WhatsApp group with friends or family to share responses
  • Sharing responses on social media in our friendly Facebook Group, or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #TheJanuaryChallenge
  • Individually, keeping responses to yourself 
Anything goes. 
There is no pressure to complete the challenge everyday of the month, if simply reading the prompt brings new thoughts each day, or you create a physical response 31 days of the month, we encourage you to take part in a way that works best for you!

See you tomorrow, 
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from the team at 64 Million Artists
P.s. Why not invite a friend to join The January Challenge and kickstart a little connection with others?