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Jan. 13 - JAN. 20
Moritz Hager
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World Economic Forum
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The World Economic Forum (WEF), an international organization focused on solving global economic and political issues, and a constant target for antisemitic conspiracies, held its annual meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland. This meeting has led to an increase in discussion of antisemitic conspiracies online, including the suggestion that the WEF is controlled by a secretive cabal of Jewish bankers and politicians who use the organization to further their own interests. Conspiracy theorists considered the absences of Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF, George Soros, and Bill Gates as suspicious and speculated about what their absences could mean.

Klaus Schwab
Elon Musk
2023 WEF Forum

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University of Michigan
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Student protestors at the University of Michigan chanted antisemitic and anti-Zionist slogans directed at Vice President Kamala Harris outside a talk she gave last Friday about climate policy, student activism, and environmental justice. The protestors from the school's Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter also attacked the Biden administration for providing financial aid to Israel. 

The protesters also called for an “intifada”, the Arabic word for ‘uprising’, and the name for two waves of Palestinian violence against Jews and Israelis - from 1987-1990 and again from 2000-2005 - that left thousands dead.

Kamala Harris's Visit 
One Solution
Call to Violence

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KenNETH Roth
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Kenneth Roth, the former executive director of Human Rights Watch, was awarded a fellowship from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government this week after he accused the school of initially denying him the role because of his anti-Israel bias.
Harvard’s reversal has been met with mixed reactions. Some have welcomed the decision, saying it upholds the principles of academic freedom and free speech. Many others have expressed disappointment, particularly because Roth’s initial accusations against Harvard evoked antisemitic tropes of power and control when he questioned, without evidence, whether donors with ties to Israel were the reason for his rejection.

Dean Douglas Elmendorf
Academic Freedom 
Human Rights Watch

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