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Embodied Examen {Audio}

“If we are to listen for the God who creates and sustains us, we need to take seriously and prayerfully the meeting between the creatures we are and all else that God holds lovingly in existence. That ‘interface’ is the felt experience of my day. It deserves prayerful attention. It is a big part of how we know and respond to God.”
 — Dennis Hamm, SJ
The Prayer of Examen is simply a reflection on our awareness of God over a period of time. Praying the Examen is a practice we can enter into at the end of the day, the end of the week, or the end of a retreat like this where we’ve intentionally chosen nourishment and connection with God, self, and others.
The Examen isn’t an opportunity to rate ourselves on how attentive or inattentive we’ve been toward God. It’s more about inviting God to guide our remembrances as a means of drawing our gaze toward where we’ve noticed ourselves drawn toward and/or away from God. We do this within the confines of grace, trusting that whatever comes up is worthy of reflection.
Find a comfortable position, being mindful of what your body needs as you begin this audio meditation.

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