How a phone call became a quilt pattern…
It usually
starts with
a phone call?
It usually starts with a phone call…
At least it did for me.
This particular call was from my sister sharing the news that her youngest child was getting married. 
I jotted down upcoming dates such as the engagement party, the wedding shower, and the wedding date.

Now, generally, I don't offer a quilt as a wedding gift first off. It's a costly and time-consuming endeavor and (let's be honest here), not everyone will appreciate a quilt. For most wedding gifts I chose selections from the bridal registry like a nice set of sheets.
But when I saw the my niece's registry I called my sister and said, “If she doesn't add more things to her registry, she's getting a quilt!” (I will admit, I was a little miffed with the bride.)
Image item

My sister's ears perked up and she said her daughter was a quilty type of gal and she and her future husband would love and appreciate a quilt.
Only one problem, the shower was in about three weeks and in another state. That wasn't much time to make a quilt and then get it where it needs to be in time

An Idea took root…
It was from this simple phone call that an idea formed.  I needed a go-to quilt pattern that would use fabric I had on hand, was simple to assemble, and would be a special enough to give as a gift! And wouldn't it be nice if it came in a variety of sizes, too!
Watch for more about a new quilt pattern called Cozy Cottage coming at the end of June. 
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