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Hey Friends! If you attended Leadership Conference, we pray you had a great time and returned safely! We have completed the remaining months for our 2023 Tracking & Scheduling Planner!  We have the printable PDF available and ready to just download and print if you do not want to mess with Canva or don't want to edit anything. You can utilize both options for our Consultant & our Director Planner Versions!  
We have been thinking about creating a DIGITAL Planner option that you would be able to use on your tablet/iPad with a stylus or Apple Pen. We would include some more digital stickers that you can use with it. First - we want to know if this is something anyone would want/use before we put time into it. Is there a need/want for a digital version of the planner?
Please VOTE with the Google Form below & let us know. It takes 2 seconds, you don't even have to put your name in, just select your vote. 😁
A few things to note about the Canva version of the printable Planner:
  1. Canva would not allow us to fit the ENTIRE Planner in one design file. So the first part of the Planner is in one file and we named it “Monthly Tracking in Canva” and then the other part of the Planner is in another file titled “Weekly Tracking in Canva”. The pages are all in order and organized so that they print correctly. Once you make your revisions, you can download both files as a printable PDF > print them > and bind them together to create your planner.
  2. You can move pages around and duplicate pages like normal in Canva, HOWEVER- please know that if you do this, it will mess up the order of the planner and the page spreads/layout could be off when you print them.
  3. Since we have organized the planner pages so that you can print them correctly straight from Canva, we have already duplicated the tracking & scheduling pages for you in the “Weekly” file. If you decide to revise something on one of the reoccurring pages- you will need to edit it on each of the duplicate pages as well. Duplicating the pages ahead of time for you was the only way we were able to help you print the layout correctly so that the spreads were aligned in your planner.
  4. The Planner content inside of it, and since we were creating it in Canva for your this time, we had to limit our “design elements” in order to keep the file size low enough for you to be able to download. This means we had to keep our design on the simple side 😉 Which also makes it easier for you to print from home.
  5. There are 4 months where Canva would not allow us to add the final tracking pages for the last week of the month.  If you choose to edit the Canva version and assemble the planner yourself, March, June, August and November end at the week at a Glance for the last week of the month. You will need to save out the pdf and then copy the Reach Outs, Goals and Tracking spreads for that week and copy to the end of the PDF to get the full month of tracking. 
REMINDER: If you do NOT want to mess with the Planner in Canva- Alllllll you have to do is download the Single PDF option… print it.. and you are good. It is all ready to go for you! 

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