Greetings from my hibernal nest -
which is made up of a pile of blankets, hot water bottle, windowpane frost and pastel pink sunrise. This is a short email to announce that early-Spring classes are posted and open for enrollment. Some of them begin before Spring ~officially~ starts, but they are offered in support of praising the flourishing that is to come. For those of you who have already taken my regular spring offerings, there is a new class! A nourishing offering for the treasures of the Heart. More info below. 
There will be more from me soon, after Imbolg. Just wanted to send this seed out in case you, like me, are visioning into what you will plant this coming season and are beginning to hear the very first low, deep hummmmm of the Song of Spring beneath the soil. 
From my heart to yours,
x Liz 
Hope to see you in a class this Spring!
As always, don't hesitate to reach out with questions - I'm only an email away: