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What a way to start the new year! The first blurb is in, and I couldn't be happier to share. Annabel Monaghan is the author of Nora Goes Off Script (one of my favorites of 2022), and if you loved it as much as I did, just wait until you get your hands on Same Time Next Summer releasing June 6. READERS WILL DEVOUR! But first, thank you, Annabel, for capturing the magic of What You Do To Me. I can't wait to share Cecilia, Sara, and Eddie with all of you.
I received an email from author Gene Rontal this week. Don't ever underestimate the power of a chance meeting. Here's what he wrote: “Rochelle, I don’t know if you remember me. I’m the physician who, by chance, met you at the bottom of Little Nell in Aspen. It was your advice from that chance meeting that started me on my writing career. I thank you for that. Epicenter Press on the West Coast has published all five of my books, titled The Detective Ben Dailey, M.D. Series. My books are on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I am still a Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan Medical School. After the books came out, I was noticed by the University of Michigan Medical School Magazine. In turn, they wrote an article about, me. 'The man that writes prescriptions and books.'  This led to a Ted Talk at the University on 'Imagination, The Language of Creativity.' All of this from a chance meeting! Again, thank you."
THIS IS ALL. Let's go buy his books!!! Truly, I get more joy from emails like this than some of my own successes. I'm so glad Gene reached out. I've mentored and/or advised tons of writers over the years, and gratitude goes a long, long way. Think about someone in your own life who has inspired or motivated you and reach out to them with thanks. For me, that's NY Times Bestselling Author Jim Grippando. Jim sat me down over twenty years ago and gave me the brutal truths of this business. His pearls of wisdom remain with me today, and I pass them along to aspiring writers.  
I hope you're all enjoying the start to the new year. I just sent in copyedits for What You Do To Me, and I'm outlining book eight The Fairy Tale. We took a quick trip to North Carolina, where it was way too cold for this Florida girl, and we met some new, fun friends at the bar, again! Send me some good book recommendations if you have, and make sure to grab When We Let Go. Only a few more days to catch this one at $1.99 (free for KU members). Click the image and order now.
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Another great month for books! 
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