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"Throughout this journey

of life we meet many

people along the way.

Each one has a purpose in

our life. No one we meet

is ever a coincidence."

I think this Mimi Novic quote so appropriate as I welcome you to my newsletter. 
If you’re reading this email right now that means you kinda like me and the art I create! But really, you have supported or followed me somewhere along this journey and I wanted to keep you personally updated on what's to come!
March 17th-19th-  Fairhope Arts and Crafts , Fairhope AL
April 14th & 15th- Making Your Mark Retreat, Duson La (My Studio)
April 22nd - Ascension's Painting the Pond, Youngsville La
April 27th-30th- Festival International, Lafayette La
Ok so I don’t expect you to read every single email I send out. But there could be a graded quiz.-------
If you know me, you know I would be the first to fail the quiz and not read the whole email?!  

we have now begun a two-way conversation.

Whether you’re lying in bed late at night accidentally dropping your phone on your face (sorry about that), stuck in carpool line (thoughts n’ prayers), bored in the bathtub (mostly me), or deleting this thing every time in lands in your inbox (you can  unsubscribe, i'll probably not know…), I’m so glad to know you’re out there!
As I send out emails about my experiences, creations, and dreams, I would love for you to share your story with me, as well as any thoughts or ideas on what you’d like to see and hear about in my upcoming emailings. You can open the conversation by clicking the reply button below. 
I can’t wait to hear from you. My journey is only beginning, and now you are a part of it. I’m so grateful that you're on this journey with me. Let's kill it ya'll!!!!!!
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Our meeting is not by chance.

Here's to us,