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Hey GLAMfriends!
We have some celebrating to do!! We have hit over 1,000 TOOLS {actually closer to 1,500} in our Gallery! That is over 1K in tools that can help YOU grow your business! Almost all of these tools have multiple images and pieces of content that are included with them, so we are probably well over 3,000 graphics in our Gallery at this point! 
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To celebrate we will be doing March Madness WEEKLY Giveaways for new members. Every Monday in March we will draw a new member to win! 🥳
Already have a membership to our Gallery?
We don't have a Pot of Gold to give you, but a pot of coffee can sometimes feel pretty close! So in March you can get a FREE Starbucks on us for EVERY new member you refer! Ask them to enter your name on the Referral form when they sign up, and then in April we will send you a Gift Card with the amount you earned! 🎉
You may have already heard that a price increase is coming this Spring. Starting April 1st, our Gallery Membership will be $15 a month for New Members ONLY. That means that everyone who is already signed up before April 1st will STAY locked in at the $12 Membership rate.  If you have an Annual Membership, you will also stay at your current rate. 
When we first started GBG almost 6 years ago, we had a $15/month membership. Many of you have been with us from the very beginning, and we are SO appreciative of your continued support! When we switched over to our new site 3 years ago, we did something no one ever does with a growing business… we actually lowered our price instead of increasing it! However, with the increase in content on our site and the rise in expenses on our end, it is time to go back. 
Thank you for understanding and allowing us to serve you with the 1,000+ tools we currently have on our site. We LOVE getting your feedback every Monday when we drop our new releases, and we have so much fun bringing the ideas you give us to life! 
Take a look at some of our recent releases if you haven't been watching the site. 
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What sets GBG apart?
  • We have 1,000+ tools on our website and members have access to ALL of it! No paying for things individually. You get EVERYTHING we create!
  • We add new tools to the Gallery EVERY Monday for you!
  • Our designer is certified with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, so you know that every download has been created professionally and ethically. 
  • Our content ideas come from YOU. From the women who are in the field and using them.
  • We create content ideas for FREE. If you have an idea you want us to make for you for, please send your request by filling out our Idea Form.
  • A lot of our tools have a Canva option that allows you the ability to edit them.
  • All of our Canva designs can be used with a FREE Canva account. 
  • Almost every tool can also be downloaded as a PDF or JPEG straight from the site so you do not have to use Canva if you do not wish to make your own edits. 
  • In addition to the fun stickers and reco templates, we deliver heavy content options such as full packets, portfolio projects, tracking & scheduling planners. 
  • Many of our tools come with instructions and suggestions on how you can use them, to help you maximize your membership.
  • We provide unique ideas, business tips and education that assists you in growing your business.
  • There are no contracts so you can subscribe & unsubscribe at any time.
thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!
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