Dear Friends,
February—the month of flowers, candy, valentines, and love. All good stuff, although I believe it’s the month that men dread the most, because let’s face it--most men don’t possess a single romantic bone in their bodies. For several years now I’ve written about Wayne and his efforts to play the part of the romantic husband. He tries, he honestly does but romance isn’t part of his genetic makeup. And from what I hear from you, my readers, my husband is not alone. In fact, I would venture to guess he’s in the majority.
Speaking of flowers, my new summer novel Must Love Flowers, will be available in July. After writing The Best is Yet to Come, I honestly thought it was time to retire. To be fair, I gave retirement the old heave-ho. But alas, four months later I was bored and restless, so I finally sat down at the computer and went to work. The story that poured out of me was Must Love Flowers.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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