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Hello First name / Friend,,
Today we’re looking to the future with this challenge from Liv Little and Suhaiyla Hippolyte!
Liv Little is a writer of Jamaican and Guyanese descent via South London. She's the founder and former CEO of the award-winning publication gal-dem. Her work spans journalism, audio, TV and curatorial projects. Liv tells stories with heart about the people and places that matter to her. Rosewater is her debut novel - you can pre-order it here.
Suhaiyla Hippolyte is a spiritual wellness practitioner creating safe spaces for discussion and group work. Her work is rooted in Ancestral practices, encouraging healing through self-compassion and intuitive listening.
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Join Liv and Suhaiyla for an online writing and meditation workshop, to do their challenge…💥 TODAY at 7.30pm - 8.30pm (GMT) 💥 
It’s FREE to join and we’d love to see you there!

What can people expect from your challenge, or from taking part?
“A deeper appreciation for your personal journey thus far and a moment to reconnect to the wondrous energy of childlike play.”
- Liv & Suhaiyla

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Read or listen to the following meditation, guided by Suhaiyla.
"Allow your body to get into a comfortable position that feels natural for you. Gently close your eyes and place your hands softly on your stomach. Notice how your stomach naturally expands and fills with air as you breathe. We’re not forcing or pushing our breath - we’re just allowing and noticing. 
Pay attention to how your breath feels as it moves through your body. If you are experiencing any tightness of tension in any parts of the body, breathe into them and release that tension through the breath. 
On your next inhale, you’re going to take the deepest breath you’ve taken all year - wide mouth - exhale. And when you’re ready, gently open your eyes."
Now, pick up something to write with. Spend a few minutes ‘writing to the future’ - pen a letter to the future you, noting something that you're grateful to have experienced this month. Keep your letter safe, email it to yourself, give it to a friend to give back to you, or hide it away.
Welsh Translation: 
Byddwn yn anfon neges e-bost atat yn cynnwys myfyrdod 60 eiliad ar y chdi fydd yn bodoli yn y dyfodol. 
Bydd cyfranogwyr yn ysgrifennu rhywbeth fydd yn annog fersiwn o'u hunain fydd yn bodoli yn y dyfodol i ysgrifennu llythyr, llythyr wedi'i ysbrydoli gan ddiolchgarwch (byddant hefyd yn cynnal gweithdy myfyrio ac ysgrifennu llythyrau).
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How did the meditation make you feel?
Did it impact the tone or the words in your letter to the future you?
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Share your response with friends and family and invite them to join in! 
Share your responses with #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 
Read our top tips for accessible sharing on social media here. 

A note from 64 Million Artists: 
There is no wrong or right way to take part in The January Challenge. People take part in all sorts of ways! Here are some examples: 
  • Sharing the challenges with your community group or workplace  and creating responses together
  • Creating a WhatsApp group with friends or family to share responses
  • Sharing responses on social media in our friendly Facebook Group, or on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #TheJanuaryChallenge
  • Individually, keeping responses to yourself 
Anything goes. 
There is no pressure to complete the challenge everyday of the month, if simply reading the prompt brings new thoughts each day, or you create a physical response 31 days of the month, we encourage you to take part in a way that works best for you!

See you tomorrow, 
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from the team at 64 Million Artists
P.s. Why not invite a friend to join The January Challenge and kickstart a little connection with others?