The friday FIVE
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First of all, Happy birthday to my wife (it was Thursday)! Got her the above present. Lucky lady! 
Quiet week for quizzing. Dead at Loco Pez, quiet at Founding Fathers, Birra, and Deli at Dwell (still packed at Dock Street). In the days of yore I would get nervous after weeks like this. “Is it over? Has quizzo run its course? DO I NEED TO GET A REAL JOB???” But I'm somewhat confident that quizzo has officially entered the “karaoke” phase of its development, where it ain't going anywhere. But I'm hoping we're back to rocking this coming week. 
January was a big month for private events. Totally slammed. One of our busiest ever. If you want to have us rock your next party, just fill out this quick form and let us know.  
Ok, here's our Friday Five. Enjoy! 
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-Johnny Goodtimes