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February 2023 vol. 1

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Apart from the animals, farming is a rather solitary endeavor.  If it weren’t for getting to seeing all of you at the farmer’s market, we might go a little nuts.  But every so often we get to enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals over a few cocktails and a great meal.
Last night was one of those special treats.  We got to spend the evening with Tricia and Josh at Sower’s Sustainable Farms.  They are on a mission to restore the land through biodiversity and natural harmony with a focus on education.  They raise all types of livestock, including dairy cows and goats, pigs, and all types of fowl.  Joining us for the evening were several acquaintances that we frequently bump into.  Rob and Brook from Coyote Creek were there as well as Chris and Kevin with Simple Promise Farms and Sarah with Shamba Farms.  And to our surprise our good friend Natalie with Babka Farms, whom we haven't seen in several months, showed up.  We also got to break bread with several of their neighbors as well.   
Speaking of breaking bread, the meal was fantastic.  The centerpiece was one of the Sower’s Kune Kune pigs, with lots of side dishes created with ingredients raised mostly on their farm.  Plenty of wine and spirits were served and the desserts were made by their daughter.
Of course, when you gather a bunch of farmers at the same table, we get to talking shop - from making cheeses and salamis, to livestock handling and butchering.  It’s good to be able to learn and share with one another - to celebrate victories and sooth each other’s wounds.
Another benefit of these gatherings is that you get to help each other become more successful. To that end, we will be augmenting our egg production with the abundance of eggs being produced by the Sower’s family. They are using hundreds of chickens in order to build fertility in their soil.  Hundreds of chickens yield hundreds of eggs, so we were more than happy to donate to the feed bill so that we could serve more of you with delicious free-range, farm-fresh eggs.  This will help us bridge the gap while waiting for our next batch of hens to reach maturity.  Molly is also in talks with Tricia about doing some more classes at the Heritage Square Farmer’s Market.  Last year they hosted several activities during HSFM’s National Farmers Market Celebration including a few rounds of Chicken Shit Bingo, Farmers Market Bingo for kids, and watercolor painting with paints made from plants.
And since we’re talking about gatherings, it’s high time we announced the date for our 2nd Annual Farm Tour - April 16th!  Last year we had quite the turn out so don’t delay in reserving your spot - only 100 tickets available (if you’re a Buyer’s Club Members it’s free). We so look forward to sharing our abundance and introducing our many wonderful customers with one another and likeminded folks in our community.
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Join us for an educational farm tour, hay ride, BBQ dinner and more. Check out our Farm Tour page on the website for updates!
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We have a full supply of all our grass-fed beef cuts, including some new Butcher's Choice options that are exclusively available in limited quantities at farmers markets.
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