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The Harvard Business Review recently detailed four things high achievers have in common, that get this: make them - get this! -  400% more productive than the average person.   
You know how much we love to talk about productivity here at music 360!  It's not just that we want you to get more things done faster, but rather, use your precious time wisely, and precious energy toward all the things you care about. 
The personal growth, the career growth, the contributions you're making to the world!  It's about being wise, approaching our practice, preparation and daily tasks with wisdom so we can avoid overwhelm, find a happy balance in our lives, and be able to serve others. 
  1. Tap into your intrinsic motivation
  2. Get comfortable with failure (ummm heard this one before much?!)
  3. Reinforce your foundation. 
  4. Never stop learning.  
Read the blog post for the details and some ideas for you to put into practice! 
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Of course, all of that is moot if you don' have your health. The flu is going around, y'all. If it isn't COVID, it's RSV, the cold and flu. 
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We love the illustrations and wisdom of Janis Ozolins!  He accompanies the visual with a quote: “A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one.” - Confucius
Here's another worth screenshot-ing:  
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We wish you a great week, and just want to remind you to take ownership of your path, know that you are resourceful, creative and resilient! 
Ixi, Tiffany and Ted 

Friday, Feb 3, 3pm ET: Conversation with Susanna Klein of PRACTIZMA on IG Live! 
Head to the @musicthreesixty account to listen in!
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