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LOVE is in the air! ♥
(👇🏼 the pros & cons of marriage)
After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and making (and breaking lol) New Year’s Resolutions, we’re left with a sweet hangover that lets us know it’s time to shake things up. 
February lands along with Cupid and fills us with romance and love. Hearts swarm the scene like hundreds of butterflies and before you know it, that cute little Cherub has shot his arrow and has got you thinking about engagements and weddings. 
This is where KCPA comes into the rescue to help your arrow-struck heart make the best decisions. 
As you think about marriage, set some time aside to think about some facts and realities. After all, you never want to jump into anything without knowing the pros and cons, and marriage is wonderful but it’s not to be taken lightly.
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I really hope this helps if you’re a couple who is planning to make a lifelong commitment and do so with more knowledge and understanding. In the meantime, enjoy this love-filled month to its fullest!
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