Monthly Roundup
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a collection of faves, updates, and thoughts on creative wellness
By taking time each month to reflect on lessons, highlights, and things that brought you joy, we start to cultivate a habit of mindfulness that is essential to all creatives. 
Sit back and grab a cup of tea! Here is what you can expect today:
  1. a letter on creative wellness
  2. quote of the month
  3. faves of the month
  4. coming up this month
A Letter on Creative Wellness
Dear friends,
We made it through the first month of 2023! Whether you enjoyed this month or had a tough start, I invite you to walk into February with new eyes. Let your January worries fall behind, they have nothing to do with what is to come, and step into what this new month has in store for you.
Some of my highlights from January include working on a new painting, laying down groundwork for future projects, and slowly crawling out of holiday hibernation. In truth, January has been a slow month for me, much of the progress I’ve made has not been visible. At times it feels discouraging when things don’t change on the outside, but then I remember that even in the winter flowers are growing though they do not bloom.
And so I want to leave you with this reminder — cherish the season you are in. It is winter, and you are wintering. Take this time to plant seeds and nurture them quietly. To grow roots underneath the surface knowing that in a few weeks, spring will come around the corner.
Quote of the Month
“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” 
Robert Henri
Faves of the Month
Coming Up This Month
As we anticipate warmer weather and the spring season, I'll be spending this month enjoying the last of the winter months. That means warm drinks, more winter inspired paintings, and a ski trip that I'm super looking forward to! ❄️
As for projects, I'm getting busy remaking the Colordrunk website, planning an upcoming art collection, and preparing for a very exciting art challenge!
That's it for now, sending you all joy and love into February <3
Thank you for spending time with me catching up, until next month!
stay cozy,