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Greetings and Happy New Year to you!
While exiting 2022 and entering into 2023 may feel like a lifetime ago for some, I want to take a moment to be present with and in this last day of January with you. Before looking toward the year ahead, I've spent some intentional time over the past few weeks reflecting on 2022. Over those 365, Liberated Development 
  • conducted over 100 Leadership Coaching sessions (75% with leaders of color);
  • facilitated over 45 Retreats & Workshops, in service of more liberated cultures; and
  • facilitated over 100 Strategic Advising and Accountability Sessions, supporting teams looking to integrate more equitable practices and processes. 
We've been able to 
Were were were recognized by 
And while the numbers show impact and I'm grateful for them, the most meaningful 2022 moments came from the connection with this community: the updates from clients who are seeing shifts in their cultures, the notes from leaders who are more embodied and in tune with themselves and their choices. Whether you're a current/past client, you shared a post or the website, served as a referral, or you signed up for this newsletter. Your existence in this space signals that there is a need for what LD is offering, so thank you! In celebrating LD's  2022, I celebrate you!
I also celebrate, thank, and give a HUGE shout out to those who regularly contribute to LD and made this 2022 possible. These folks have brought their expertise, wisdom and partnership to all of the numbers you see above. Abby, Aisha, Alice, Ayanna, Diana, Joanna, Kelli, Meredith, Nita, Rito, and Thelma…THANK YOU
Here's to a more liberated 2023!
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Wishing you a bit more liberation everyday!

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