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I am so blessed to have a successful healing practice and I truly love what I do and working with my clients. But I find it a bit humorous when other practitioners reach out to me and ask me “what is your trick in getting clients?” “Where do you advertise?”
I have been giving this some serious thought for lately as more practitioners have reached out via my website to ask this question. Why do I have an abundance of clients and others are struggling? I am no more gifted than these other practitioners so what is the reason for my success for I do not “advertise” my business.  My clients come to me per word of mouth, someone has always referred them to me.
So, what is my “secret” or “trick?” The only thing I can come up with is that I am authentic.  I am authentic to myself, my beliefs, and my practices. There are no gimmicks or surprises, what you see is what you get.  I have integrity and build a trust relationship with all my clients.  I am reliable, I rarely cancel appointments or classes/workshops even if just one person signed up for a class, I will hold it, for the one person is just as important to me as ten. I am committed to my business and my clients; I do not overload them with services or try to sell other services to them. I have found my strengths and I am consistent. I do not charge them if I, the practitioner goes over their appointment time. If you scheduled an hour, but we go over that hour I only charge them the hour. I hold every client with regard. I do not judge their journey, story, or beliefs and lastly my reputation. Because of all the above my reputation is a positive one, I get back to people if they call me or message me or e-mail me. I treat everyone who walks through my door with respect, and I deliver what I say I will deliver.
I do not have a gimmick or secret. I treat everyone as my equal because no one is above anyone else, we are all equals doing our best to navigate our life’s journey. I asked a client what is it that keeps them coming and their answer brought tears to my eyes (literally). They said, “you are the most genuine person I have ever met and even with my past all I have ever felt from you since walking in your door is love and acceptance.” That meant the world to me.
When I first opened my healing practice the number one priority for me was that people felt safe regardless of race, sexual orientation, or beliefs. I want my studio space and me as a healer to be a haven for people.  I place where they can be free of the masks we sometimes put on, free to see their authenticity and discover how amazing they truly are.
So, I guess if I have a “trick” this would be it, that and that I truly believe in the work I do! It is with sincere gratitude that I want to thank all my clients and their belief in me and what I offer them. This has been an amazing journey and I look forward to continuing it with you all.
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium
Please note the Level 1 Intuitive Development Class for April is filling up, if you are planning on taking this class sign-up today to reserve your spot.  This is class is only open for 12-people and there are only six spots available. Spots are not held until payment is received.  All payments must be received no later than March 31st.  Thank you.
Date Change for Level I Intuitive Development
It was brought to my attention that the date of the first Intuitive Development Level 1 class is actually Easter, an oversight on my part. So, the first class for the Level 1 class will on Sunday, April 16, 2023! Thank you.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Drumming Circle
The next drumming circle will be March 5, 2023. 
Hope to see you then.
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Upcoming Workshops in 2023
  • Nature Spirits aka Elementals - Who are they and how can we support them?  
  • Sacred Geometry - What is it and how does it play a part in our lives?
  • Ho'oponopono - What is it and how does it heal us?
  • Crystal Workshop - Learn about some of my favorite crystals.
Information to be posted to website soon!