First name / Friend, welcome back to our segment called “Whatcha Watching?”. Here, we will discuss the firms favorite TV shows and movies, and what we are currently watching. We realized that we discuss movies and shows we watch rather often, and we are pretty sure it is a question that comes up a lot in our social groups. So since the firm considers you a part of our group, we would like to share what we are watching with you. 
TV Show:
Ozark: Ozark is a gripping crime drama series that follows the journey of a financial planner and his family as they move from the suburbs of Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. The show is anchored by a brilliant performance from Jason Bateman, who also serves as the director for several episodes. The storyline is well written, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The cinematography is beautiful, capturing the stunning natural beauty of the Ozarks while also highlighting the dangerous and dark underbelly of the region. The supporting cast is also strong, including Laura Linney as Bateman's wife, who is just as invested in the family's criminal enterprise as her husband. Overall, Ozark is a must-watch for fans of the genre and is a testament to the power of great storytelling.
Movies (Throwback):
American Sniper: American Sniper is a biographical war drama film directed by Clint Eastwood, based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American military history. The film stars Bradley Cooper as Kyle, who is depicted as a patriotic, yet complex and flawed, individual. The film does an excellent job of exploring the toll that war and combat can have on a soldier, both physically and mentally. The cinematography is top-notch and effectively captures the intensity of the war-torn environments. Bradley Cooper delivers a powerful performance, and the supporting cast, including Sienna Miller as Kyle's wife, also delivers strong performances. American Sniper is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that provides a sobering reminder of the sacrifices made by American soldiers and their families. However, it's worth noting that the film has faced some criticism for its political bias and historical accuracy. Nevertheless, it remains a well-made and impactful film that is worth watching.

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