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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to practice Spanish in the classroom with your students. It’s the perfect occasion to liven up the classroom and get your students interacting with each other in Spanish. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your Spanish class. 
Make Valentine’s Day cards: Have your students make Valentine’s Day cards for each other in Spanish. This will give them an opportunity to practice their Spanish writing and creative skills.  We have our students decorate envelopes and then write cards for every student in the class.  It is a great way to practice their Spanish and build a community.
Play a Valentine’s Day game: There are a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed vocabulary games that you can play with your students. Some of our favorites are board games, Bingo, and Inteligentitos to practice Valentine's Day vocabulary.  You can find examples of these games HERE
Have a Valentine’s Day party: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish by throwing a party in the classroom. Have your students bring Valentine’s Day treats and decorations, and encourage them to speak Spanish throughout the party by playing Citas Rápidas (Speed Dating).  We give the students specific prompts to talk about and they love it!  See some of our prompts for FREE at this link
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