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Every person is bio-individual, and your detox protocol will look different than someone else’s.
This is why it’s impossible to give blanket “how do I detox” advice, but I'm going to share the basics with you to help you get started. 👇🏼
A metabolic detox starts with the: liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and the gut. You have to address all 4 simultaneously in order to truly remove toxins. The problem is there is no one solution for detoxification, all toxins are different and they require different remedies to remove them.
For example: Someone who has heavy metals needs chelators, while someone who's digestion and microbiome are compromised needs good flora and things to stop leaky gut. Those are two very different protocols.
If you want to start detoxing, here's how 👇🏼
🍎 Start eating organically
〰️ Wash your fruits & vegetables
💧Drink filtered water
🥩 Buy proteins that are antibiotic, hormone & steroid free
🔎 Read your labels. When reading your labels on food, look for: pesticides free, non GMO, certified organic, grass-fed, etc.
There is formal testing with private labs, which Dr. Loretta uses all the time.  It can test your urine, stool, saliva and dry blood spot. This is what Dr. Loretta bases her protocols on along with a thorough look at the patient's history.
If you're ready to learn more and get started working with Dr. Loretta, here's how:
🖥 If you are not local to the NYC area, book a telehealth appointment.
🗓 After your consultation with Dr. Loretta, we can ship the test kit to you so you can complete it in the privacy of your own home. In order to ship the kit to you, you must have access to FedEx.
Yours in health,
Dr. Loretta