Happy February, A-Listers
It’s the month of love and I am LOVING putting these newsletters together for you. Hope you LOVE reading them too. Please keep the feedback rolling as I am finding my way and really want the content to be enjoyable, as well as offer great value. 
Delighted that Nikki, who was in our last newsletter, reported back saying she had numerous enquiries after our shout out and is busy closing new business. YAY!
Grab a coffee, cuppa tea or wine (no judgement here) and…come along for the ride.
This Week in the Spotlight…
It’s all the S’s …….
Now, it’s no secret that I love going to a spa, and my worst nightmare is having cracked heels that look like I’ve done a barefoot desert crossing, and never seen a foot file. A pedi is always such a treat, especially the part where you get a foot rub. I clearly raised my kids wrong as they refuse to touch my feet, maybe it’s the cracked heels LOL. 
Bella Day Spa is a hidden gem in the heart of Hillcrest that is not only classy and smells amazing, but the therapeutic trickle of the water feature and their tropical patterned uniforms (flamingos et al), made for a very pleasant sensory experience. Buyi was delightful and even used such experiential words when I ooh’d and aah’d having that foot massage, gushing what a spoil it was, and she replied “you deserve it”! I think Buyi might just be my new best friend. 
The music was the perfect genre and volume (often a huge irritation of mine at a spa) and, another thing that was impressive is that I was offered tea, coffee or a cappuccino and didn’t have a surprise R30 added to my bill – here it is on the house. If you see me around, be sure to glance at my glam toes, yours could look that good too! 
Lesley and her team have a full menu of options including an amazing Valentine’s month special 👇
They’ve been in business for 15+ years and would love to spoil you. 
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Between cooking for the masses (5 kids, their friends, a Gogo, a carer and the whole shebang) for many years – I’d often run out of ideas. The dreaded daily “What to cook?” Can you relate?
I went through stages where Checkers and Spar thought I was opening a corner shop in opposition as I was buying so many sauces and things to “change it up.” 
Enter Chissies – a sauce solution gliding in from above like Aladdin on his magic carpet. Life changer. The barbecue, peri peri oil, prego mayo – we have the lot as a staple in our cupboard. Our one son works on a fancy shmancy super yacht and is fed by a Michelin chef on the daily, but still takes a bottle of Jalapeno rings back with him to sea!
Chissies Pickles and Sauces have gone from being a hobby in the early 90’s  to being a household name. Humble beginnings - their business started with a VEG ATCHAR and they now sell over 10 different products. They market their range at the Shongweni farmers market near where they live  as well as outlets in and around the Durban area. 
You need them in your life. I mean, anyone that has a buy line “Add Zing to Everything” has my attention. 
Order today, thank me later.
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PS – they even have awesome recipes to share, might make the chicken one tonight myself!
Sticky Chicken :
1 whole cooked chicken (cut up)
1 green pepper (sliced)
1 punnet of mushrooms (sliced)
Chopped pepperdews (optional)
1 cup of mayonnaise (250ml)
1 cup of chutney (250 ml)
1 cup Chissies BBQ sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix together and bake for about half an hour or until green pepper is fairly soft.
Serve with a salad, rice and maybe a garlic French loaf.. Yummy and Oh so Easy!
SAVE GIRLS! (and boys)
After my daughter’s drink was spiked and she nearly died, I was determined to save as many girls as I could. Many of you might’ve heard about the solution I designed as it was featured in The A-List before, but I thought with new subscribers and all the kids heading off to Varsity, it’d be a good time to mention it again. 
Drink spiking is so much rifer than I realised and happens at house parties, restaurants, pubs, golf days, corporate events, birthday parties, conferences, and festivals. Our youngest victim is 13 and our oldest, 70. Sadly, 90% of the girls get raped and others get robbed, and the trauma I have been exposed to is something I would not wish on anybody! Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, until it does. 
Skyla 3 weeks after her drink was spiked
Drinkerbell is a trendy scrunchie that comes in plain colours and pretty designs which has a secret compartment housing an elasticated, liquid-resistant drinks cover to fit all size glasses, and a specially designed silicone straw. Girls can wear them in their hair or around their wrists and should never leave home without one! 
Boys get spiked too and many girls drink out of bottles so TADAAAAAH we also have Drinkerpops – pop them into the bottle once opened, you drink normally and no one can drop anything into your bottle. Let’s take our power back and keep ourselves safe. Drink spiking and the related trauma are not pretty! Every girl/boy we save is a WIN!
Introducing… Drinkerpops
But wait, that’s not all – this is very much a heart project so we have collaborated with Embocraft in Bothas Hill, and taken previously unskilled, disadvantaged ladies from the community and taught them how to sew. They do all the manufacturing and packaging – job creation!
A portion of all sales also goes back to the Jes Foord Foundation to sponsor trauma counselling for rape survivors – give back!
Use a Drinkerbell to keep flies and bees out…
Listen, apart from drink spiking, Drinkerbells are a hit to keep flies and bees out of your drinks too, nothing worse than an over zealous fly doing the Midmar mile in your G&T or Pinotage (especially when you see where he had landed before and the antiperistalsis kicks in – eeuk! We have dogs – say no more! 
Follow us on social media – lot’s of exciting things coming up.
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Hmmm…I trust none of you are wondering what the last S stands for and succumbing to the depravity of your own mind… 😉 This is a family show and we keep it tidy…
We have been so fortunate to have had a few weekends away in Leisure Bay and were entertained and delighted by the exhibition, splashing and spout blowing from the whales, spotting as many as 14 some days – what a treat! Well, safe swims, guys, and thanks for the memories….til next year!
No whales, no sun, no bikinis, and no boogy boards, so explore we must. We came across a hidden gem – Berry Crafty. Now, I have a mom that sews, knits, crochets, bakes, and is quite crafty, and many of my friends paint, sew and do the same. I missed that gene so I’m in awe of folk that produce amazing things. Trying so hard not to feel less than…we all have our talents, some are just more hidden.
Berry Crafty is a retail outlet just before Port Edward selling hand crafted furniture, decor, clothing, leather goods, foodie delights, bathtime treats, and much, much more. It’s a huge and interesting space where one could spend hours browsing and there is something for everyone. Perfect gift shopping spot and you are supporting small businesses which is what I really love! Bikers and families often meander down there and stop for a lunch at one of the numerous spots to choose from along the banana plantation-lined South coast.
Do yourself a favour, take a drive. They have just opened a Deli too which is brimming with Olives (not our family), Jams, Marmalades, cold meats, cheeses, nougats, amazing foodie gifts, biltong and so much more. It’s a treasure trove for sure – something for everyone.
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A-Listers, given that this is space to support crafters, you will not be winning a Nissan, getting a free trip to the moon or beer for a year (won that once, and imagine my horror to find it was only 12 cases…I mean…who did they benchmark that consumption on? Ha ha) BUT you will be supporting local, have a great morning out and have a happy heart that every purchase you made goes to a crafter trying their best – sometimes that is reward enough.
Marelize and her lovely ladies would love to see you! 
You can find them at Shop 5, Mattison Square, Port Edward, Port Edward, South Africa but pop onto Facebook @BerryCrafty and enjoy the visual feast of photos to get you excited.
Let us ignite your brand!
Have a HAPPY FAB-ruary, LOVE what you do, LOVE others and, above all LOVE yourself.
Also, my credibility is on the line here so when you support any of the businesses mentioned in these newsletters, please give me feedback at hello@thealist.co.za – would love to hear from you!
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