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Happy Love Month! We have lots of new stuff up on our site! You may have seen some of it already if you were watching the Just Added page last week. We always get things up on the site FIRST before we post about it or talk about it in our Drop Email on Mondays. Our Monthly Announcements & Promo Images are almost always on the site within the first couple days of the month. 
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PCP Follow Up Image
If you enrolled your customers in the PCP program, the company will send out the mailers on Feb 8th and they say to give your customers 7-10 days to receive them. Make sure you are reaching out to the people you enrolled and following up with them! Don't wait for them to contact you, because chances are they could forget! We have created a PCP Follow up Message Image for the New Look Book that you can use to send the recipients on your list! Connect with them, take their order AND Book them to try one of this season's looks! 
We release tools with each new Look Book, but you can STILL use the tools from previous Look Books because they are all EDITABLE in Canva! 🙌 So if something is no longer relevant, you can take it out or change it to make it current. Find our other PCP Images on our PCP page in our Gallery. 
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Consultant Game Board
Thank you Chelsey DeBruin-Colbert for requesting this idea! Directors can use this Game Board with their consultants to promote the company's 6 Things Challenge. There is also spaces to pick out additional prizes to go with the challenge. This download is only available in Canva because the prizes must be added in by the director.
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New Product Test Panel
Thank you Leslie Smith for requesting this idea! Use this Test Panel with your individual clients, and during your events to introduce them to the new products and get their opinion.
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February Announcements & Promo Images
Use these tools with your team/unit each month and for yourself to keep the company challenges and promotions in front of you. We have these tools ready for you within the first couple days of the month so keep an eye on the Just Added page for them each month. 
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february SPOTLIGHT 
Our February Spotlight Page is live and features the following:
  • February Announcements
  • Updated Golden Rule Recognition
  • February Connection Card and coordinating Sticker
  • February Recognition Templates
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