The ultimate wardrobe staple: the endlessly adaptable CAMISA button-down shirt. This shirt gets easy cool layering just right for endless looks that are anything but basic.
Photographed by Alberto Giaimo
Fairfield, CT | Spring 2023

For a chic and polished take on the iconic Canadian tuxedo, style the CAMISA button-down with your favorite denim jacket and jeans on cooler spring days. This timeless combination creates a relaxed yet refined look that exudes effortless elegance.

Perfect as a standalone piece or layered, as shown here, under a vintage Gap leather jacket circa 1999. A juxtaposition of classic and contemporary styles that is sure to make a subtle yet statement-making outfit.

Layer over your favorite classic turtleneck shirt and tailored trousers. Whether heading out for a day date or attending a weekend show at your local theater, 
this versatile piece elevates any outfit. 
Dressed up or down, layered, or mix and matched with pieces from your existing wardrobe, the CAMISA is the perfect canvas to create endless outfits. For more ways to wear it, visit: Ways to Wear It
We hope these looks serve as a starting point for you to create your own statement-making ensembles with the versatile CAMISA shirt.

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