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Give yourself some L O V E !
“Love yourself first and everything else will fall into line.” - Lucille Ball

It's hard to love anyone else when you're not taking care of you. February is the month of love, so there's no better time to give yourself a little than right now. Understandably, it can feel like selfish behavior to indulge in something that focuses on your own comfort and well-being. But, according to Psychology Today, practicing self-care can restore your energy and improve your overall health. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, however! It's important to find something that works best for YOU, your mind, and your body.

Making healthcare a priority can be one major way to ensure you're caring for yourself, and at Schofield Chiropractic Group we offer more than just traditional chiropractic care. Several of our services provide relief from stress, tension, inflammation and pain, all of which can cause a hiccup in your body's ability to care for itself.
To learn more about all the ways we can help you care for Y O U and your family, join us for a Self-Care Open House on Monday, February 13, 4:30-6:30 p.m. In addition to refreshments, door prizes, giveaways and kids activities, we'll also be offering demonstrations of many of our services that can help you in your self-care journey. 

Parents: Beat Late Winter Burnout & Adrenaline Fatigue
by Dr. Melanie Schwitters
Parents, this article is for you! It's nearing the end of winter, we are still not getting much vitamin D, we're locked up and have cabin fever, you and/or the kids may be scheduled to the max. I know the drill! I've got a couple busy toddlers of my own. 
How many of you have heard that in order to kick your symptoms of burnout (changes in GI habits, high BP, low immune function/resistance to illness, sleep disturbances, mood changes, etc.) "you need to eat right, exercise and get X hrs of sleep". Of course we need these things but sometimes when we get too stuck in that phase of fatigue or whatever it may be–it may be hard to take action and make these positive changes. I am going to give you three easy steps to help regulate your nervous system that don't require adding too much time or effort to your day. Your nervous system is the master controller and is so important to be living in a parasympathetic or calm/balanced/rested state. These steps may help your body get the kickstart it needs to start back up into better living again. 

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Our goal is to improve your health by reducing pain and illness. In a friendly and welcoming environment, we provide effective conservative care for pain management so you can achieve and maintain optimal health.
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