New and exciting things here at PGH!
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Hey ya'll!
This is Aaryn. So many of y'all watched our business build and grow all because my parents had a dream. They also like projects, alot. :) My hint to everyone is the pond is gone and huge concrete slab has taken its place. 
I would love to hear any guesses you might have about the next adventure. We would really love to just see your bright shining faces. I bet you can even convince one of the team to give you the details. 
Now the business part of things, remember it is time to sign up for Lawn Care Programs. We over year long programs that you purchase at the beginning of the year at a 15% discount and we store all of the product here at the shop. We even call/text you reminding you to come out and get each round! We have been offering these programs for 20 years now and have had repeat customers every year. Check out our webpage for more details.
Lastly don't forget Valentines Day is in 6 days. We have so many fun and interesting animals, pot heads, pottery, furniture, and accessories to choose from. We also sell gift cards if you can't decide.
Thanks for reading! See you soon!
Aaryn Cathey

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One of the team
This is Chelsea. She does a  ton of planting and watering all day, every day. 
See you soon!
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